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  1. Now next is "What was the first slogan that RC used"?
  2. Correct!!! That was easy!!! Now I will give anyone a super heart if they sailed on the Song on Norway..... GO
  3. The 18th is when the CSO could become "null and void". AA has nothing to do with the cruise industry.
  4. What was the first ship in RC company history?
  5. The unrest yes but Haiti has been very slow in vax rollout. And with Labadee fundamentally cut off from the rest of the country......well could be another issue
  6. Okay couple of things for first timers 1 Down load the RC app, very important 2 Schedule your shows in advance on your app as soon as you get on board 3 schedule the aqua show first night if possible or second night if you have too. This is for weather purposes. 4 On embarkation go straight to Central Park Café there and get the Kimmelwick sandwich. Then have someone in your group go any of the specialty restaurants in Central Park and make your reservations for the those if you plan to use them. 5 Then do the muster drill in the app 6 Then perhaps your room will be open and you can get squared away. A note your luggage may not be directly by your room but will not be to far away. 7 Go to muster station (printed on your seapass card and on the back of the door to cabin) and check in. 8 Go explore and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  7. Try this place it is right across from the port or more exact right across from the new Carnival terminal https://holidayinnclub.com/explore-resorts/cape-canaveral-resort?utm_source=local&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=cape-canaveral-gmb-listing
  8. Okay DW who is a TA has done the research. The only ship that stops in Labadee for the month of Aug. is the 29th sailing on Allure. No other that she can find at this time. Ironically this sailing also stops in Cococay.
  9. I am confused as to some opinions on here. Seems at least one of us believes the CDC has the right to make a law, all be it temporary, that closes an entire industry down for 15 months and by extension the judge does not have the authority to block said law. Then others of us believe the State of Florida is over reaching by insuring that ALL Floridians are FREE to shop, go to the movies, attend sporting events and dine in our favorite restaurants. Do I understand this correctly?
  10. I am assuming, and perhaps I shouldn't, that once the CSO expires RCL will change its policy to strongly recommends. I realize that RCL is doing this so as to save money by not paying for transport and possibly quarantine of infected passengers. But the significance of the date is the CSO will expire. I guess the CDC could extend and change it. Question does travel insurance pay for Covid infection while on a trip?
  11. Yes I know that, I was going to compare the language between the EO and the statute. Then supper called and had to go and punched submit. LOL But I read the entire bill when it was past and think it said this ALL goes away when the emergency is canceled. But I could be wrong. DeSantis even list movies, restaurants and sporting events as examples in his EO. I am thinkin this was his thought process as I personally do not think he would stop a cruise line from demanding a vax card.
  12. This is the governor's EO https://www.flgov.com/wp-content/uploads/orders/2021/EO_21-81.pdf Cannot find the statute that was adopted but the language was pretty much the same. I keep looking for language that says "during a called emergency".
  13. I think I am right on this also in that the vax passport was part of this. The no passport statute was a part of the states Emergency Management Law and with the emergency now over in Florida This may now be a mute point. I think this because I seem to remember reading the law that this was the case. So if true then a business can now ask for proof of vax. Maybe, hopefully?, not sure!!
  14. This has been going on since RC started the crown and anchor program. We got the look once and we were in an inside cabin!!! But upon check in DW flashed our C&A card of the PLATINUM color. This was in the early 90's. The agent saw them and had her supervisor walked us around the long line of people waiting to embark and got on before them. The looks were, shall I just say interesting.
  15. Jeff please continue giving us your expertise! A quick word on research. As holding a post graduate degree from a major research university (I am not bragging, no really I not), although I am not a researcher, I was taught by a few profs that the first thing to look for in a research paper was who was paying for the research, then who are the researchers and do they have skin in the game or will they profit from said research other than being paid to do the work. One of the most upfront faces in this ongoing discussion in this country allegedly profits from one of the major drug company's that have produced one of the vaccines.
  16. We will be with you on the 22nd and soooo looking forward to to being there!!!! DW is a TA and got word a month or so ago that they actually opened another 100 cabins and sold out within 6 hours.
  17. Hope that is the last time this judge moves his goalpost for the CDC. They are stalling for as long as possible.
  18. Strange because this info comes directly from RC and C. Since RC isn't going to deny you traveling they may be waiting to contact you closer to cruise. But keep me informed and thanks for the update.
  19. To clear up my discussion from yesterday, as I said both C and RC are calling AT TIME OF BOOKING to determine vax status. They are different however in what they do with the information. When 5% is reached on C they cut off bookings so as to eliminate test cruises. RC is looking to schedule shows and dining for vaxed and unvaxed as I said yesterday.
  20. I am one that cannot stand to wait on the phone. A travel agent that is knowledgeable will make a call directly to a desk that has a person who has a name and will answer. When we mere mortals call its pot luck and so we may speak to several people and not the same one every time.
  21. I think they are going to call you and ask. Please clear something up for me, is the Canadian government not allowing you out of the country or telling you if you leave you will not have health insurance?
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