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  1. 11 minutes ago, twangster said:

    In most cases like this Royal reimburses $200 per person for domestic flight changes and $400 for international flight changes (If I recall correctly).  But as a TA I'm sure your DW knows this.  A guest will get an email address to send the change fee receipt to.   Perhaps your DW can find a letter from an impacted guest from a previous similar event.  

    Thanks Twangster and I am really looking forward to your review of the Wonder!! This is a cruise for us and of course she is happy this is us and not a client (even though she has 2 others going with us)  For some reason we have received no change for anything from RC either as the TA or guest. 

  2. DW, who is a TA, and I booked the Spring Transatlantic on the Harmony in 2021 then covid. You know the story no use to explain. It was departing on April 4th I think. Then that was changed to Allure with a departure of April 24th so we just changed to this. Then it changed again in September of 2021 to Wonder but changed the date to April 20th. We had purchased our airline (non refundable, lesson learned) before the change of sailing dates. Airline will not refund and insurance will not also citing we could not produce a cancellation letter from RC (first problem). We never received a letter but just heard of it through the grapevine so to speak. RC then sent out a memo stating that they would reimburse up to 400 per person for international flight.  DW has been on the phone with RC for at least 12 hours total after just hanging up on them as they have moved her from person to person and are doing everything in their arsenal not to reimburse us. 

    Any help would be appreciated on who to get in touch with or call.

  3. On 2/1/2022 at 8:36 PM, Jill said:

    Latest poll: 70% of Americans are ready to put Covid in the rear view. Double vaxxed and boosted are getting sick too. I don’t think boosters are the answers to what appears to be the new common cold. 

    I’ve got 3 cruises (Caribbean, Alaska and Holy Land/Greece) through October. I’ll do the damn booster to take the 2 bucket list cruises but I’ll stop cruising after that if boosters are required year after year after year. I’ll have to retire as a brand new Diamond Plus and never get to enjoy the benefits. 

    70% is a pretty substantial number. 

    Us too sad but true!!

  4. If you are coming south on 95 look for a room around Vero Beach or Fort Pierce. They are usually less expensive if that is important. That will be a 2 to 2 and half hour drive to park.

    I have had great success parking at park and go on Eller. It is conveniently located at the end of I-595, there is a traffic light and a sign telling you to make u turn onto a service road that brings you right to the lot. 7 bucks a day last I looked.

  5. On 1/18/2022 at 4:36 PM, FF86 said:

    It's a worldwide issue at this point, it's the global supply chain that is disrupted.  Just do a news search for any country and "supply chain issue" and you'll see.

    I guess you missed perhaps my poor attempt at humor. Also, just thinking out loud here, Maybe RC has in fact anticipated this issue and moved WOTS to Marseille approximately 2 months ago and will remain for another 2 months. This quite possibly will give enough time for any issues in the supply chain. 

  6. On 9/16/2021 at 7:02 PM, Ampurp85 said:

    Question.....I thought Wonder was an ultra oasis class ship but she hold less pax according to @Matt blog post than any other Oasis class ship. Is she just bigger in terms of space?

    What makes ultra class is the suite area. The Chinese are a caste system, the uber-wealthy do not mix with us commoners. I believe the area where the 2 story suites were is where the the new area is. It will have its own restaurant, swimming pool and bar. Perhaps someone else could clarify this

  7. 6 hours ago, twangster said:

    This isn't about the law or doing what's right.

    This is about politics and pandering to a base to gain support on a national level for a run at the presidency.  He is out to get his name in the national headlines.  Fining Carnival millions accomplishes that goal.  Anything with "cruise' in a headline gets massive media attention.  It's a perfect storm for him.   He needs attention at any cost.  

    Royal has never "required" proof of vaccination to sail.  Not up until the Bahamas required proof of vaccination.  Carnival did require proof of vaccination to sail.  They denied service to unvaccinated.  They have more potential exposure in this matter.

    That doesn't mean he won't go after Royal too but he knows he'll lose in court so he might not.  Carnival on the other hand will make for a nice juicy headline in the media.    

    DeSantis is not going after any cruise line. If he was he would have already gone after carnival. That would be political suicide. And anyway all RC needs to do is stop in the Bahama's on any cruise out of FL. 

  8. 15 hours ago, AshleyDillo said:

    It's a little different in this case. Royal is providing transport to somewhere that has entry requirements. It's the USVI dictating the requirements of this particular cruise, not Royal. The Western Caribbean itineraries without the St. Thomas visit do not have this requirement. It's the same as an airline flying from Florida to a destination that requires vaccinations. The airlines are the ones tasked with making sure all passengers are vaccinated. 

    Yes I know.

  9. 14 hours ago, dswallow said:

    You have no inherent right anywhere to board a privately owned cruise ship. Typically "discrimination" extends to religious and disability related reasoning. There's also the elements of employment law/equal opportunity law that defines discrimination in those settings involving things like race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Most of the states trying to make vaccination status some sort of protected class are going to face uphill battles because of the nature of a pandemic and the requirement of vaccination for health and safety reasons. But at best, you could see perhaps valid reasoning here for protection for access to essential services, like being able to go into a grocery store. But again, when there's a health safety concern it wouldn't be that unvaccinated couldn't enter; it would be that different precautions could apply to unvaccinated in order for them to enter. Anyway, then we get back to you not having an inherent right to board a privately owned cruise ship.

    Thanks for this. Not sure about privately owned company when most of the cruise lines are traded on the stock exchange. It seems that many of us here own a piece of RC or any of the other lines. Does this still make them private? 

    Since you mentioned religious and disability situations if someone cannot get the vaccine because of their religion would that not mean that they are being discriminated against? I do not know and just asking.

    Also since you mentioned essential services is it not a stretch to believe that if you create one exemption then others would follow?

    I am just asking as it seems NCL has not made any effort to resume their business as the other lines have done. It is funny they cannot seem to see that the state has not stopped any ship from sailing fully vaxed.

    Again thanks for your knowledge on this.

  10. 1 hour ago, JeffB said:

    I didn't see the show but the Judge can sidestep a ruling on the merits (which Merryday didn't in FL v. Bacerra - he ruled and wrote that FL won). He can limit his ruling to an interpretation of the law and then cite applicable precedent. 

    This is the first test case of a state's right in a PHE to ban what amounts to a business's rights under EEOC. I know the law, i.e., a business has an ethical, moral and legal right to impose rules that create a safe environment for employees and customers as long as they aren't discriminatory.

    What I don't know is on what legal basis FL claims it has the legal authority to ban businesses operating in the state from asking for proof of vaccination to enter or receive services. It's not clear that the state does not have that right. 

    We'll see.

    Jeff you are a much deeper thinker than I on this subject but isn't NCL being discriminatory but not allowing patrons not vaxed to cruise?

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