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  1. omg I thought I was the only one when we were just on the indy in jan we were on deck 8 I had a promenade view room and my son and family were 3 doors away while we ate our meals in the windjammer dinner was outstanding every night the lunches were always hobo trash not even edible in my humble opinion we never made it for breakfast thanks to the casino so I cant pass judgement on that having sailed almost exclusively on royal we are loyal to royal I always look forward to the mdr but on this trip the crowds in there were brutal and very loud the menus are steadily going down hill with poor selections compared to past cruises .the offerings in the WJ were almost to the letter the same as the mdr but more of it and hotter the service was incredible we had a wonderful waiter from india who barely left our side through the whole meal bringing us anything we wanted we asked him if maybe there was any more balckberrys in the kitchen someone got the last of the ones on the buffet and my grand babies just loved them he came out with more immediately the rest of the nights there was a reserved sign on the table we sat at and when we got there each night there was a whole container of berries waiting for us this is the WOW experience that Royal for the most part has let fade this is the kind of experience that sold me on royal in contrast my sons room attendant was horrible never introduced himself no towel animals for the kids nothing he even had the nerve to wake them up with the do not disturb sign on the door and rudely said he cant go on break till he does there room really my attendant was terrific took such good care of me towel animals constantly which my son and I would take down to his room for the grand babies . I sailed the oasis at the end of 2017 and found the senior experience talked about in other entrys above where in the world they get the nerve to behave that way I don't know my cruise was mostly seniors but groups of them and the central park was constantly clogged with talkers stopped dead in the middle of the walk ways the windjammer was crazy with them none waiting there turn just see something they wanted and bust right in and get it one huge older women in a wheelie cart would just push her way with the cart striking me several times with it throughout the cruise and the aforementioned practice of elevator doors open rush in without letting the departing people appeared to be the norm I have to my recollection not experienced this behavior on any of the other cruises I was on. one old character dropped an entire plate of food on the floor as he was trying to balance 3 walked over to his table put down his remaining plates turned around got a new plate and filled it up and back to his table he went leaving a huge mess of some curry rice everywhere without even telling anyone. as I mentioned before I love royal and will not stray its not there fault as I firmly believe you cant fix stupid.
  2. I would have to say Enchantment would absolutely be my choice I have always had a special place in my heart for her a great cruising ship with many of the crew the same despite the numerous updates she has undergone. I led an email barrage to royal to move the majesty to Miami and bring enchantment to Canaveral which it seems has finally come to pass I'm sure our emails had absolutely nothing to do with it but I will take it anyway I can get it . I was totally amazed when they were able to cut the ship in half insert a whole new section lengthening the ship quite a bit and adding around 70 new cabins if my recall is correct and I looked for quite a bit to find where she was cut but it is not obvious I love this ship and I will take every opportunity I get to sail her when she officially relocates to Canaveral it is just to far to drive to Miami for a 3 to 4 day cruise
  3. when on her in jan wow she rocked and they closed down the decks above the pool mostly at night it didn't bother me but my son was complaining constantly I actually sleep better with a little rocking
  4. I have found that on the monster ships believe it or not the higher up you go the more you feel I was in the mdr after a pretty rough and windy night I was talking to the head waiter who I got to be friends with over the 8 days and he told me something I hadn't considered the ship is so large that the 20 knot speed and the 20 knot wind cause a 40 knot wind capable of rocking the ship with out the waves and if I want a far less rocky experience go to a lower deck so I went to my daughters room on level 3 o/v it was in fact much much calmer than my 12th floor balcony room her ocean view window was huge I actually sat in her window I don't get affected often by motion having sailed crew on my uncles schooner (83) island hopper but sometimes I get it . my suggestion is to look at the deck plans and decide which areas are closest to the things you like most (theatre schooner bar elevators spa etc. and book what you think will do you the most good
  5. vee welcome to the blog I have had extreme experience with debit card holds to avoid it being a problem put at least twice what you expect to spend in your debit card they will release the holds in a very few days after the cruise but if you have bills and such about to draw against the card figure them also in 2012 the problem was terrible but this and last year they have stream lined the procedure by watching your spending and only hold what they need to in the past they would hold much larger amounts then necessary (in my opinion)but in this world everyone out there is not honest and they are only protecting themselves check from time to time to see what you have in there and what you spent and customer service will be glad to assist you and this is a common problem faced on board in your situation I would set up a cash account with what you anticipate yes the lines can be long first day but there is no rush at dinner time or later at night first day use cash or use your debit to set up your cash seapass acct you know what you spent against your balance if you need more just add it once again welcome to the blog if I can ever be of help post here and I or one of these very knowledge seasoned cruisers will help CRUISE ON MY NEW FRIEND
  6. if it were me I would call the number to disability and explain to them the situation with the childs anxiety issues I have a child with anxiety issues I know how difficult it can get they have always taken great care of me and my family one of many reasons I remain loyal to Royal
  7. I would say that the best chance you have is through royals disability dept give them a call at 8665927225 they are very helpful and may be able to help you out oh by the way welcome to the forum is there any chance you bought royals travel insurance when you booked
  8. it is a good idea to make a reservation in advance you can reserve for 5.00 per person a small amount for peace of mind . Once I had something come up as we pulled into coz and had to cancel no worries here either
  9. I love pina coladas and always order it with Capt.Morgan never had a problem if what you order goes over the 12 or 12.50 included they will charge you the difference on your acct sail on my friend
  10. does anyone know of a more simplified passport process an office I can go to I dread mailing my old one in and waiting who knows how long don't mind traveling I have found non government agencies that do it for a huge price and promise to get it for you in as few as 2 days but wow what a price they charge
  11. I get your cautious suspicion about the izumi on freedom I have run across izumi to go on the freedom and the indy both times I was very tempted but fought it off but I never saw it in that case once in a small glass case topper and once in the large case in café promenade it looked very much like the frozen sushi sent to supermarkets including wal mart (yuck) certainly not worth the huge price they put on it mostly rice and the ingredients are not delicate like sea urchin most like surimi and sulfited shrimp that would explain why there is a very small selection they thaw just enough to get by I for one am looking forward to my cruise in nov on the adventure they now have a real sushi bar in the promenade oh and the other odd feature I noticed was the sushi was only offered for sale for an extremely short time 1 to 1and a half hours as I recall which would account for the lack of proper refridgeration I have observed even though sushi for the most part is freshness judged on ph reading not so much temperature
  12. I personally look forward to your report I love this tiny ship and the enchantment if you could could you see if they corrected the sewer smell that plagued deck 3 they said they were planning to work on it the smell was bad at times in the hallways but never went into the cabins
  13. ding Ding Ding we have a winner taking into consideration the latest money grab by Royal I don't believe for an instant that this will be included hell they charge for everything on Labadee and charge a lot and don't forget someone has to pay for this new theme park and someone has to appease the bean counters as they prepare there quarterly reports telling the board how many dollars per square foot they made I for one will be sitting on deck 4 enjoying the beauty of the climate just relaxing
  14. PINA COLADA made with captain morgan yummy
  15. I start about a month away from sailing I go on a sea food diet all the food I see I eat
  16. I have a western coming up oct 1 I would bet by then that it will be something gone from offered stops. Royal already took key west and gave us cayman instead why they took key west I have no idea but we were to go to costa maya and Cozumel but I have a gut feeling by the time my cruise comes up mexico will be off the table which wont hurt my feelings having been there a lot
  17. when I was on the Jan 2018 sailing of the INDY the disembark morning very early I was getting ready to leave my room when I heard very loud talking in the hallway I paid it no mind but as I opened my cabin door there stood 2 enormous broward county sheriffs and a quite large ships officer and a herd of what I recognized as ships security personel pounding on the cabin door closest to mine they stared at me as I walked by them minding my own business when I suddenly realized they were all staring at me I could feel them boring holes in my back as I approached the elevator suddenly I heard what sounded like a a gang of buffalo closing in on me stop they said and believe me I did immediately after a moment and a thousand questions and me producing my seapass and passport they turned there attention back down the hallway where a lone individual was standing wearing only a banana hammock security pointed at him and he was immediately arrested cuffed and one of the sheriffs removed his personal belongings from the cabin and he was led away the ships officer no doubt feeling regreatful the group had scared the posterior off of me came and gave me an apology and an explanation apparently this guy had been drinking in the club and drunkenly stumbled into someone in the nightclub in the wee hours whose drink spilled all over him he demanded an apology the innocent man according to this guy didn't apologise properly so the guy beat him up.i have always lived by the creed if you cant drink DONT drink please refer to the second thing I firmly believe leave your aggression at the dock before you board the ship people seem to be getting so angry and hateful even at the time they pay big dollars to enjoy themselves makes no sense to me this jerk is in for a ruff time not only is he facing charges and jail time but the officer informed me that the victim has all intention of suing the thug was it worth it tough guy oh and if that wasn't enough apparently Royal has and will use there computers to forever ban this jerk from anymore cruises with our beloved cruise line I did not witness the incident But noticed an increased level of tension in the casino and the schooner seat grabbing and rude line jumping the likes of which I have never seen on Royal ships in the past was common place it saddens me to see this kind of behavior getting a foot hold I think what really annoyed Royal was one of there people was also the object of the aggressor though only verbally . Hopefully these incidents are going to remain isolated on Royal other lines have a problem with this but I have not heard of much of this on Royal till recently. Perhaps the balance of the cruise spent in the ships brig then disembarked under guard by the home ports law enforcement would help improve the overall behavior JUST SAYING
  18. OH thankyou JL black cats are my favorite This is Echo he is the man of the house my other is DOLLY she is a medium long hair black and I have one tabby named frosty in that terrible 2s stage what a handful I always told my daughter I would never have any but blacks I love there temperament and loving nature all of our cats are adopted from the humane society my daughter saw frosty and after a time wore me down when we first saw he had a broken leg as a tiny kitten and when it healed we added him to the family but I still make a monthly trip to the shelter looking for that one personality trait that catches my eye just after Halloween seems to be the best time for these special loving animals
  19. you know this is starting to get ridiculous I have always considered Royal the best affordable cruise line in service but omg the nickel and dimeing is getting way out of control What do we do just accept it or do we complain over and over till we make them see the only way seems to be to hit them where it hurts in the pocket I for one will start sending Mike Baylee emails (which I am sure he will never see) expressing my opinion maybe if enough of these are received he will have to take note I love royal and have decided that my retirement will be to sail every ship in the fleet at least once before I cross the rainbow bridge let them know because believe me if they hear nothing they think everything is good and they will think up more stupid ideas like this one at the same time other lines are giving huge perks like free open bars not just for the elite but for all that book a cabin as a famous movie line once said I'm mad as h---l and I'm not gonna take it any more trust me folks if they get away with this absurditiy it will not end here CRUISE ON MY FRIENDS
  20. thank-you everyone for the help finally got it
  21. I am trying to put a picture in place of the H but no matter what I pick the file is to big any tips on how to shrink a pic to fit says max 0.05any advice would be appreciated
  22. OMG I so agree with you Mon it is getting a little out of hand we as cruisers need to send a message by not buying there surveys no to rockets we have a rockets here in the mall of the melenia in Orlando empty most of the time the rockets on the oasis is terrible they are nothing special as for the pay per view concept to the entertainment most of the shows I have seen onboard are high school level and mildly entertaining I don't go to most of them anyway so my feeling if they go through with there 79.00 plan they will be playing to empty seats I have a feeling the ships that still have theaters will test charging for seats.personally I had a problem with cruise lines paying there crew out of our pockets with what they call gratuities when if one thinks about it the amount of money generated through these gratuities every day from every person is huge I am willing to bet it comes close to covering the crew salaries which are meager at best I personally always take very good care of individuals who WOW me and always pay my gratuities but I would just once love to be a fly on the wall and see exactly where the gratuity money goes with all the nickel and dimeing going on in Royal now days I think I know
  23. I am so jelly right now all of you so close to your cruise I have nothing booked till oct 18 then nov 24 but reading and feeling the excitement building in you all is making my mouse hand start to sweat I thought I could hold out till oct but at this moment in time its not looking to good for my budget I was just on the indy January but my mouse has taken control once again searching on its own for another adventure.I will sign out right now and hope you all have the greatest cruise of your life while I will now test my will as I search for extra money I didn't know I had in my budget THE FORCE IS STRONG PEOPLE cruise on my friends and say a prayer for those like me that will never get enough Royal cruises as I stare daily at livestream of my favorite cruise ships sailing in and out of ports my kids ask me daily if there is something wrong with me "possibly?"
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