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  1. Unlimited dining is not available on many sailings right now. What I’ve heard is that in order to social distance in the specialty restaurants, they cannot accept the normal amount of people per night. I am also on the 10/23 sailing and bought the UDP many months ago. It’s no longer available. I would watch closely the week before the cruise in the event people have to cancel their cruise. You may get lucky. I’d go ahead and at least get the 3 night package and if you can’t get the UDP before the cruise, check with any restaurant the first night to see if maybe there were no shows at the pier. Begging might work too! Can’t help on the RoyalUp. We decided not to do one. Good luck though!
  2. I had heard it will be back in October. Hopefully by the 23rd
  3. Well I just got the last one. Bummer my husband will have to find his own fun while I have filet and lobster! Lol Seriously we’re a group of 6. One couple in, one couple not and me I’ll keep the booking. Will check often to see if someone cancels. Crazy that these inaugural sailings are going like hot cakes! Over the water cabanas were sold out by Friday last week. 2 days after the announcement.
  4. Not letting me book beach club. Can enter number of people but nothing after that.
  5. We did just book an extra cruise this year to get us to Diamond Plus. Once they extended double points through December 2022, our 12 night in October 2022 came into play and now is worth 24 points. That put us only 14 points from Plus. For us it was a no brainer. We live 2 hours from Port Canaveral so booked a week on Harmony in a Central Park balcony. It was cheaper to book one cruise versus 2 to get us to plus. Here’s the fun part: when Wonder was announced last week, we moved our Harmony to her for $500 less and an ocean balcony. For us it made sense. We have the luxury of driving to the ports. We weren’t planning on an extra cruise this year but the extension pushed us to
  6. The best price alerts come from the Facebook groups I’m in. Seriously. Someone on my upcoming sailing just got a drop so I emailed @Sharlato check all my cruises, again, because prices are literally dropping every few days. I didn’t get a drop on that one but Sharla did tell me I could change my refundable to a non refundable and save $514.99. Through MEI, Sharla has saved my about $3300 on 3 cruises just since June. I’m also one of those who sees a lower price while perusing, then reminded I have a refundable deposit lol We’ve got some bucket list cruises coming up this year including 2 weeks in Europe and I’m glad I’ve got a contact that knows my booking and the history to be there should we run into issues.
  7. That’s a much better Fall TA itinerary on Wonder.
  8. Got $514.99 refund today for my refundable deposit. That brings my total savings to about $3300 on 3 cruises since June. Pretty much expecting Royal to start paying me to cruise!
  9. I’ll be patiently waiting for Grand Lucayan. That looks pretty cool from the renderings. Freeport has needed a total makeover for 30 years. Did I read somewhere that Royal entered into some agreement with Turks and Caicos? I’d love for the southern Caribbean islands to be able to handle an oasis class. I love Barbados, St Lucia, St Kitts etc.
  10. He is a lot of fun on Facebook. I started following him because of that. I’ve not sailed with him yet. He would get me super excited to sail though unlike my upcoming cruise who’s CD is pretty much a dud on social media.
  11. That’s only for mixed vaccines I believe. Are yours mixed?
  12. Thank you! Pretty much what I thought. This cruise has been moved 4 times since may 2020 so the refundable deposit just kept getting moved with it.
  13. I had read that they let you go in one shop for souvenirs and that’s it.
  14. So according to Sharla, I actually can change my refundable deposit to a non refundable by Thursday (new final payment for my October 23 Symphony) and Royal will refund to my credit card. I made final payment back at 90 days. I can get $500 back if I do. I’m thinking this is a no brainer. Am I right? Lol I mean I’m 32 days out. CWC is still available.
  15. If you haven’t checked your fare recently you may want to do so. Someone in one of my Facebook groups just saved $1,000 on their NYE cruise
  16. Have to say this is a great itinerary. Southern Caribbean is my favorite followed by Eastern. Plenty to do in St Maarten for 2 visits. Are you a Star Wars fan? Fun fact: there’s a great Star Wars museum in St Maarten. A guy who worked on the films operates it. Lots of props etc.
  17. So far we’ve only done 7 or less nights. We have our 7 night Alaska with 3 night land tour with basically 2 sea days in May. I’m hoping that’s enough to recover! Lol We have a 12 night on Odyssey next October to the Holy Land/Best of Greece. It originally had 4 sea days which was awesome since it’ll be our first time on Odyssey but they added a port so now 3 sea days. The first 2 are sea days then the last day. Then we have 3 days in Rome. I hope I hold up! Lol For us though I think the sea days are in good spots. The first 2 will help us with jet lag and the last one to prepare for Rome. I think the sea days are important for relaxing. It’s going to be a busy 2 weeks. Compare that to say a 12-14 day TA and the experience is very different with lots of down time. All you can do is try. I say book it!
  18. It was probably some type of topical magnesium
  19. Ours too! Really excited. Which ship, itinerary are you doing? We’re Radiance southbound with the 3 night wilderness express beforehand
  20. We’re going next May and this past May, I checked a weather app for all of our ports. Mid 50’s with rain. I plan to check weather Apps a few days before we leave to get an idea of temps while we’re there.
  21. Wow just read the WHOLE thing! Welcome to Florida! Been here 32 years! We are between St Augustine and Jacksonville. We will be passing by you next month on our way to Miami (Symphony) and again in March to PE (Wonder). We’ll honk as we go by! Another 3 weeks or so and the hot, hot weather will be behind us. 9 months of beautiful weather ahead! I’m sure y’all will love it here!
  22. Thank you everyone I thought this was too good to be true. Marketing or whoever does these in cabin offer sheets really should be more specific. *all offers/discounts are one time use Still decent offers though and I’m thankful that Royal offers these at all.
  23. So we normally always get the drink package so I’ve never paid much attention to the onboard offers. I saw this pic posted today and it says 50% off 2 glasses of wine, beer, soda throughout your sailing. I’m assuming this is anytime I order 2 glasses and not just a one time offer? I’ve also learned it’s not safe to assume anything If it’s anytime throughout the entire cruise, that’s pretty decent! What about the 20% off glass of wine. One time or anytime I order? Thank you to anyone who can clarify
  24. and have fun! I’ve got another 4 weeks to wait!
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