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    Kids under 21 at Chefs Table?

    I talked with her about it, and showed her a video posted by RCI, as well as the sample menu on the Cruise Planner. She wasn't sure about the menu, thought it might be a little TOO adventuresome. She also feels it's as much about the wine as the food and that it wouldn't really work for her because of that. I'm guessing that the average age of the people in the promotional video didn't help. She probably would be the youngest one there by a country mile, and she's already self-conscious about being "old for her age". It was worth a try. I may still go on my own, or she may change her mind over the next 8 months. Will take it as it comes.
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    Menu changes?

    I hate to be a party poop, but the new menus I have seen have LESS options than the old ones and the options are more traditional and less innovative. I've seen this same comment on other boards. RCCL is appealing to the masses that want shrimp cocktail, Caesar salad and steak. I guess I'm in the minority, because that is not what I want.
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    Casino Royal - New Discounts

    I have 6 on the books (all either at significant casino discounts or "free" as a result of certificates) so I will keep doing what I'm doing until those have been exhausted BUT if it turns out that they are no longer giving the [admittedly very generous] casino rate discounts then that will be all for me. A number of years ago I cruised with NCL for the first time and I received a "free" cruise from them - after just ONE cruise ! Up until now the NCL casino program has not had the same lucrative benefits that Club Royale has so I stuck with Royal but if those benefits are now gone, I will certainly be looking at NCL and other cruise lines again. I completely agree with Marc and Tony. It's like we're finding some kind of hidden treasure whenever they give you a discount or a certificate. NEVER have I seen a PROMOTIONAL program so steeped in secrecy, ambiguity and anonymity. I never seem to know what the rules are from sailing-to-sailing. Maybe these latest tales are misinformation. I certainly hope that is the case. Only time will tell, I guess. I will never stay out of the casino. That's the primary reason I'm on the ship....but it may well be the casino on another cruise line or shore casino.
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    MEI Travel Agent Recommendation

    You're entitled to be happy with your TA. No harm in trying out a new one.
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