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Spotlight: Dining at Bars on a Royal Caribbean cruise


When it comes to bars on Royal Caribbean cruise ships, they are not just adults-only destinations - and they do not just serve drinks.

One of our favorite dining tips is taking advantage of certain bars that also serve food in addition to a great array of drinks.  These hidden gems are often less crowded than a specialty restaurant or simply easier to get into.

Here are a few great places to enjoy a bite to eat along with your drinks.

Playmakers Sports Bar

Playmakers offers a traditional sports bar concept with drinks, plenty of games to watch and of course, some great food choices.

Guests seated at the Playmakers bar can order from the full menu at any time. Sliders, wings and burgers are available to enjoy while you cheer on your favorite team.


Hooked Seafood restaurant offers guests a nightly happy hour appetizer combo, where guests can enjoy a beer or glass of wine and a pre-selected appetizer.  The happy hour appetizer changes from night to night.


On Royal Caribbean's Oasis Class ships, Sabor on the Boardwalk has a bar where you can order from the regular Sabor menu while at the bar.

In addition to the amazing margaritas served at Sabor, you can order guacamole, tacos or anything else. We have even seen a happy hour special offered at Sabor in the past.


So we may be blurring the line here a bit, but Izumi does have a sushi bar in its locations that guests can sit at that is almost never full.  While not a drink bar, the sushi bar still offers the full bar selection along with the restaurant menu.

Asking to sit at the sushi bar is a great way to also get into Izumi if the restaurant is busy.

Photos from restaurants and bars on Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas


Royal Caribbean posted new photos from many of the restaurants and bars aboard its newest cruise ship, Harmony of the Seas.

Guests on Harmony of the Seas can enjoy a mix of casual venues, comfortable sit-down eateries and upscale dining.

Ten best Royal Caribbean bars


Few activities seem to go hand in hand with a Royal Caribbean cruise like some time at the bar.

Royal Caribbean has built a number of fantastic bars across all of its cruise ships and each bar seems to offer a little something different that makes it unique and gives guests reasons to come back.

Today, we're listing our favorite ten bars and lounges across Royal Caribbean's fleet to spend happy hour at.


When you combine great drinks with latin music, you get Boleros.  

Let us start with the drinks, which Boleros does extremely well. In fact, Boleros is often the place on your Royal Caribbean ship to get the best mojitos and pina colada.  

Once you have a drink in hand, there is usually plenty of entertainment offered in the evening, with live music playing well into the night.

It seems like there is always a party going on in Boleros and it is a great spot for a pre-dinner drink or somewhere to show off your salsa, merignue or bachata!

Schooner Bar

I would wager to say that the Schooner Bar is a staple of any Royal Caribbean experience because there is always something going on here.

Whether you pronounce it "shooner" or "skooner", we can all agree the Schooner Bar is home to fun trivia, live music and great people.

During the day, you can test your wit with some trivia and at night, most Schooner Bars have a piano that is perfect for playing the songs you love to sing along to.

While many of our bars made this list because of the drinks they serve, the Schooner Bar is here primarily because of all the fun things happening.


With R-Bar, Royal Caribbean went retro and brought classic drink making back to the bar experience.

Each R-Bar offers the usual assortment of drinks, but each also has an unique menu of drinks only available on that particular R-Bar on that particular ship.

When you are in the mood for something different, head to R-Bar because the bartenders here are fantastic at creating new drinks just for you to try.  It is the perfect refuge for the indecisive.


If you like a view with your drink, head over to Two70 on one of the Quantum class ships because it is hard to beat what you can see here.

Two70's bar offers an expansive view of the ocean during the day and at night, performances galore. Vistarama, Roboshow and evening shows are just the beginning of what is available in Two70 on any given day.

Did I mention they make some really good drinks too? 

What I really like about Two70's drinks are there tends to be a lot less mixes used, which means the quality of the drinks are far superior to other locations. 

Top quality drinks with an unmatched view. How can you go wrong?

Pubs on Royal Promenade

Sometimes you just want a cold beer, some friends to drink with and live music and the best option has to be any of the English style pubs found across the fleet.

Royal Caribbean has added a number of these pubs to its ships in recent years and they have become a huge hit.

Inside, you will find an expansive beer collection that dwarfs the beers available elsewhere onboard.

In the evening, live music is performed and the subject is always drinking songs.  After a few rounds, you are likely to be joining in too!

Michael's Genuine Pub

Speaking of beer, how about a craft beer?

Michael's Genuine Pub will pour a craft beer for you, and it is the only place on any Royal Caribbean ship where craft beer is sold with this much selection.

In fact, Royal Caribbean has gotten into the craft beer game with a beer by the pub's namesake, Michael Schwartz.  Michael's Genuine Brew is a great choice and inexpensive too!

No visit to Michael's Genuine Pub is complete without a few "finger foods" that can be ordered such as a jar of pickles, falafel or deviled eggs.

Rising Tide Bar

There is something undeniably cool about a bar that moves between decks, and on Oasis class ships, the Rising Tide bar does just that.

Royal Caribbean built bars that spin very slowly on its Radiance class ships, but the honors of best moving bar have to go to the Rising Tide Bar because this makes for the perfect photo opportunity.

The Rising Tide Bar continuously moves between the Royal Promenade and Central Park, offering some great views while you enjoy your favorite cocktail.

There's just something very cool about being on a bar that moves through the air and with a drink in hand, it's a great place to watch all those people that are watching you.

Solarium Bar

Let's head to the pool deck and a bar that offers some great drinks just steps away from either a cushioned lounge chair or pool, the Solarium Bar.

What is great about the Solarium Bar is its indoor, yet outdoor, location means it is always the perfect weather for a visit here.

Given that the Solarium is a great place to relax and forget about everything, getting your drinks at the Solarium Bar makes natural sense too.

Oasis Bar

Pool bars in general are usually a fun time, but one bar combines the pool and the ocean: the Oasis Bar on Enchantment of the Seas.

What makes the Oasis Bar on Enchantment of the Seas really cool is it faces the ocean, allowing you to enjoy the view of the ocean as you partake in your preferred adult beverage.

There isn't a whole lot of seating available, but if you get the chance, be sure to enjoy this unique bar experience that cannot be found on any other Vision-class ship.

Sabor Bar

I freely admit the Sabor Bar made this list handedly purely because it is associated with my favorite specialty restaurant ever, Sabor Modern Mexican.

The reason the Sabor Bar is worthy of your time each and every time you want a drink is simple: it offers quality beverages and the best darn guacamole known to man (if there was a way to convey dropping the mic in a blog post, it would be posted right here).

If you have not sampled the guacamole from Sabor yet, it is hand crafted guacamole made fresh on the spot and it is slap your grandma good!

Which bar is your favorite? Tell us about in the comments below!

Ten Best Royal Caribbean Bars


When it comes to going on a Royal Caribbean cruise, enjoying a cold drink at a bar is a real highlight for lots of vacationers.  Forgetting your worries and indulging in a drink or two while at sea has become tradition for many people that sail Royal Caribbean and across their fleet of ships, there are a lot of great places to enjoy a cocktail.  

Today, we're listing our favorite ten bars and lounges across Royal Caribbean's fleet to spend happy hour at.

Viking Crown Lounge

For many Royal Caribbean fans, especially the ones that have been cruising with Royal Caribbean for years, the Viking Crown Lounge is an integral part of what makes a Royal Caribbean cruise.  Located high above the action in the upper most tower of many Royal Caribbean ships, the Viking Crown Lounge offers a great vantage point of the ship and the horizon around you.  

The Viking Crown Lounge offers your favorite drinks along with that scenic view that you really can't get anywhere else onboard.  And given that it's usually on a deck not near many staterooms, the Viking Crown Lounge can often be less crowded than other venues onboard and the perfect place to sit in one of the comfy couches, take in the scenery and have a drink.

R Bar

The R Bar is a relatively new bar that is located in recently refurbished Royal Caribbean ships' Centrum area.  While it may not have been around as long as other bars on this list, it's already making a name for itself as a great place to have a drink.

R Bar is all about martinis and for fans of this "shaken, not stirred" cocktail, R bar is the place to be.  Of course, there's more here than just a place to drink.  R Bar is meant to be a throwback to the bars of the 1960s that serve classic cocktails with a modern twist. What we really like about R bar is that the drinks are hand-crafted and it's different than your usual bar.  And of course, being in the Centrum, that means there's plenty of entertainment around you to enjoy with your drink.

Vintages Wine Bar

For wine lovers that want more than just the "house red", Vintages is a great choice for an evening drink.  First introduced on Voyager class ships, Vintages Wine Bar has been rolled out to many other Royal Caribbean ships and it's become a big hit.

In addition to ordering glasses or bottles of wine, Vintages regularly hosts wine tasting events where passengers can try something new or indulge in a series of wines that may be a favorite.  Of course, Vintages also has a lot of wines to try and when you're in the mood for a glass of red or white, Vintages is the place to go.

Rising Tide Bar

Okay, so we're suckers for bars with unique elements to them and the Rising Tide Bar is your basic bar but what makes it cool is the fact it actually moves between decks!  Rising Tide is proof where you drink can be more important than what you drink and everyone onboard seems to want to drink here at least once.

We've also noticed because Rising Tide is so centrally located and its often what passengers passing by are looking at, it's often the place to be onboard to be seen. There's just something very cool about being on a bar that moves through the air and with a drink in hand, it's a great place to watch all those people that are watching you.

Schooner Bar

For fans of trivia onboard their Royal Caribbean cruise, the Schooner Bar is the place to put your wits to the test.  In addition to a beautiful lounge area that is themed to classic wooden nautical vessels, the Schooner Bar regularly hosts trivia events of all kinds.

It's hard to not pass by the Schooner Bar in the evening and not see it packed with other guests who are taking in a post-dinner drink while they try to remember which Elton John song clip was just played.  And when there aren't trivia events going on, it's a great choice for comfortable chairs near the window or talkative bartenders. 

On Air Karaoke Bar

Karaoke isn't for everyone but it's hard to deny the great drink choices here.  Plus, while you may not have the courage to go up on stage and sing your favorite Stevie Nicks song, it's a lot of fun watching others give it a try while you kick bar with a few drinks. After a few drinks, they all do start to sound better.

On some ships, we've found the best deals on drinks onboard, with two-for-one margaritas often served during happy hour on Freedom of the Seas.  Are you a fan of karaoke now?

Champagne Bar

We love to meet up with everyone in our group for a pre-dinner drink and the Champagne Bar is usually a good choice for drinks and maybe even some entertainment.  Since the Champagne Bar is often near the Main Dining Room, it's a great spot for catching up on everyone's day and getting the evening started with a good drink.

After dinner, the Champagne Bar often features live music and it's one of those places that seems to always have a good crowd hanging out in.  

Globe & Atlas Pub/Hoof & Claw/Bear & Bull Pub

I dare you to not have a good time in an Irish pub and Royal Caribbean's versions are usually right on the money.  From the authentic Irish, British and European beers on tap to the live music in the evening, a stop in the pub onboard is often where we go to wind down the night.  The dark interiors with wooden tables really does make it feel like your local Irish pub down the street.

Whether you prefer Guinness or Stella or Newcastle, these pubs usually hit the spot and like so many other bars on this list, the evening entertainment is great for singing along to some classic bar songs.


If you're a fan of mojitos or margaritas, the Boleros is the place for you.  This Latin infused lounge serves up some of the best tequila and rum onboard a Royal Caribbean ship.  Like other themed bars, Boleros offers a lot more selection of mojitos and margaritas as well as tequilas than anywhere else.

Of course, no Latin bar is complete without some salsa or meringue music playing live and some dancing if you choose.  Whether it's pre- or post-dinner drinks, Boleros is muy bueno.

Sky Bar

I've noticed onboard Royal Caribbean there's usually a set of cruisers that seem to always be near the pool for most of the cruise and by far, the "cool people" are hanging out at the Sky Bar.  Located at the top of the pool decks, Sky Bar offers a great vantage point to see what's going on in the pool and around the area.  Since Sky Bar is outdoors, there's usually a great breeze and plenty of sun to take in.  

What I really like about Sky Bar is it's one of the best outdoor bars if you're feeling social.  It's kind of like the Cheers of Royal Caribbean, where if you hang out long enough, everyone will know your name (especially if you're buying).