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Onboard account - using cash

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Hi - welcome to the boards!  You can definitely specify a cash account when you are checking in online.  Unless something has changed recently, you can charge up to $500 before they will cut off your account from making more charges until the account is settled. Once you settle the account, you can resume using your seapass card for charges.  You will also need to settle your account in Guest services before disembarking.

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Just now, Jenn2878 said:

So no credit card is needed whatsoever ? Can I send cash prior that they can put on my account so that I don't have to carry on as much ?

No credit card required, but unfortunately, you can't send the cash in advance.  You may be able to go to guest services and put down a deposit as soon as you board, but I'm not entirely sure... someone else will have to step in for that one.

Alternatively, you can stash your cash in the room safe.  I've done that every time without issue.

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You cand send cash in a proxy way. Unless things have changed, you could use a debit or credit card to buy onboard credit. Then have your account setup as a cash account. Any extra OBC would be classified as refundable and given to you the last night. Think if a card is on file it would be credited to that card.

Only number I can find to call is: 800-722-5970

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When you get on board, you can visit Guest Services and put however much cash you would like on your account. We typically do anywhere from $200 to $300, at the most at one time. If you spend your balance, you can go back and add more to your account. During the cruise, you can visit Guest Services to get a printout of your spending or you can view it on your cabin TV. 

On your last night, you will need to visit Guest Services and settle your account. They will give you back anything not spent, in cash. Just make sure you are done spending for your trip. 

We always choose to go this route, as when you use a credit or debit card, they can put a hold on your account that can take up to 7 to 10 days after the cruise to be removed. Plus, an added bonus, we never overspend on our vacation. 

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On 2/24/2020 at 4:53 AM, Slideways83 said:

My wife and I recieved about 15 visa gift cards for our honeymoon.. how can we use these for shore excursions and purchases exc..  

You can go to Royal Caribbean's website to prebook things and use the gift cards to pay for what you order.

If you have many, might be easier to call to place an order .

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