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FlowBro Ty

? What Will The Oasis Get During Dry Dock ?

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38 minutes ago, StayFrosty said:

The escape room pics that @Matt posted on the blog look awesome.  Great production values.  I am a huge escape room and space history fan.  I might have to book the ship just for the escape room.  Most expensive escape room ever!

It became available for my sailing this Sunday, so I'm booked for it on Black Friday!

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14 hours ago, RWDW1204 said:

Left this morning for Miami !!!!

Have a great time! 

We don't sail out of Miami again until APR 2021 (Symphony), but my wife is already playing Will Smith's Miami constantly on the Echo! 🎶

Now I need to find a song for Cape Liberty/Oasis for next MAY! No, I'm not playing Sinatra (only for Yankee games)! 😂



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2 hours ago, ChrisK2793 said:

Mario ..... the Pinnacle guy is on the cruise ..... he boarded right behind us ........ the rooms are already accessible...... they’ve been totally redone ....... the carpet drapes and furniture look brand new in our GS 




Wife has already said mattress is too hard. 😂

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