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Independence Cabin #6666

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Hi everyone. We are now well and truly doing the double-digit dance having 96 days until our cruise on IOS.

We've just made our final payment and appear to have been assigned cabin #6666 when I looked on the cruise planner (we had booked a guaranteed balcony). Has anyone got experience of this stateroom? Looking at the deck plans I think it's  spacious OVB and appears to be above the MDR. Does that seem about right?

I'm not too bothered about whether or not it is spacious, more bothered about having a quieter location which I imagine, if it is above the MDR shouldn't be an issue.

Also, as it's a connecting room, does that mean we will have an armchair instead pf a sofa?

I would point out that I'm not overly concerned about any of these things or I would have selected a room rather than rolling the dice for a guarantee - I'm just curious.




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6 hours ago, mworkman said:

Yeah thanks. I had a look at that site and that's partly where I got confused - it says possible noise from bar below but as far as I can see it's MDR below and it also says it has a sofa bed but it's a connecting room so I thought that doesn't have sofa bed because of the door. ?

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