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Suite Guarantee vs. Junior Suite Guarantee

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I’m pricing a Navigator cruise next year and see one price for Suite Guarantee ($735pp) then, if I choose to instead pick my own suite, there is a second guarantee option listed as Junior Suite Guarantee for $975pp, and finally the actual pick-my-JS price of $1045pp. Won’t the Suite Guarantee get me the same exact thing as the Junior Suite Guarantee? Why are they listed separately? JS sales for this sailing are slow as there are tons of cabins available so presumably the normal Suite Guarantee would also garner me a JS in the end. Thoughts? 

The Suite Guarantee is exactly $70 higher than picking my own OVB so it’s a no-brainer to bump up for double C&A points. Does the suite guarantee still get double C&A? 




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That is very strange.  I wonder if it is yet another RCL website glitch. 

I have only ever used the GTY-suite (Category WS) which has been that first one ($735pp) and it assigned a J3 Junior suite.  I see absolutely no reason to select the Junior Suite option for $975pp.

Did a quick look on a random Navigator cruise and the "pick your room" listed Junior Suite for $946 and Junior suite for $1056.   First was for category J4 and second was category J3.

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6 minutes ago, Maggie M said:

I was just pricing a cruise and the only option for suite was "Royal Suite" guarantee or you  pick your room. Does that mean I'd get a JS or a Grand or above?  What constitutes a "Royal Suite?"

I think Royal Suite Class is just the term Royal uses for suites on the newer, bigger ships and the Royal Suite Guarantee can be any suite class cabin which includes Jr Suites, (and will likely be a Jr suite).

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1 hour ago, AshleyDillo said:

Does Navigator have those Panoramic Suites with no balconies that at the front of the ship?

Ooh yes, it has two. Even though I live and die by having a balcony, that room is so unique I wouldn’t be mad to end up there! 

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