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I have done my homework and have a base understanding of an ordinary b2b.  Where my question(s) come in is in the first case is that they aren't closed loop. One departs Seward, Alaska and ends up in Vancouver, Canada. The next departs Vancouver back to Seward. Is the process any different than say Miami RT and Miami RT as a B2B?

The next is kind of dreaming big. Vancouver Canada ending in Hawaii followed by a trans Pacific . Same question...  Are there different processes  than a "Normal B2B"?

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1 hour ago, steverk said:

In a somewhat related question, if deep1 wanted to get off the ship between the sailings and tour the town, how would he/she do that?

It is treated like a normal disembarkation. You would leave the ship as if it was your final destination and then return to the ship and go through the embarkation process as if it was your initial point of departure. Royal treats B2B as if it is two separate cruises and you do check in on both cruises  and they issue two set sail passes. Staying on the ship for a B2B is the same disembarkation/embarkation process except they do it in a lounge or separate area and most times you have to actually leave the ship proper and turn around and walk back on for customs purposes and saying that all passengers have gotten off.

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9 hours ago, Ditchdoc said:

Other than the Jones Act that forbids a foreign flagged ship from sailing from a US port to a US port without stopping at a foreign port, no problem.

I know about that but was curious about ending and starting from a foreign port as possibly being different... Instead of the foreign port just being a port of call.



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