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I've done a lot of cruises since I've started using a CPAP...and have found every ship a little different...

On Navigator of the Seas, there are no outlets anywhere near the back of the bed...so I've had to request an extension cord...and string it all along the walls, clear around the cabin.

On Celebrity Apex--a brand new ship--we were in a Sky Suite and they had an outlet right at at the nightstand.  Why can't all ships be designed like this?

On one of the older Celebrity ships, we found the lamp on the nightstand plugged into a Euro outlet right behind the bed...which worked well since I have an adapter that turns a Euro outlet into two outlets--one Euro, one US...So I could unplug the lamp, insert the adapter and then plug in both the lamp and the CPAP.

Now, this April, I will be on Symphony of the Seas for the first time on a Western Med cruise.  Before I call RCCL to request an extension cord, the question is whether or not there are any usable outlets for a CPAP in a standard balcony cabin...

Anyone know?  Thanks...

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The post @TheMaxRebo had above is the same set-up we had on SOS a few weeks ago with a standard ocean balcony room.  The outlet was on the right side of the bed, the bed was set-up close to the balcony sliding door.  Our friends room next door had the bed set-up closer to the bathroom, so I don't know which side of the bed they had the power outlet.

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My wife and I both have CPAPs, it's impossible to find two outlets that don't require an extension cord. I have 12' cords on the CPAPs so they can be strung almost anywhere in the cabin. When we were on Voyager the cabin steward taped the cord down so it wasn't a tripping hazard. I've used multi-prong adapters in the past but recently they've been confiscated at embarkation. 

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