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Swapping Room Reservation Guests


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We booked a Jan 13th family cruise with 2 adjoining but not connecting rooms.  Because we wanted to use two discount codes (one for each room) when we booked, my wife and I were separated.  Obviously we plan to sleep in the same room and have our three adult sons in the other room.  Can we do this switch before we board without messing up the discounts or do we have do do it once on board?  If on board is the answer, how do we do this swap as painlessly as possible?

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Just ask for extra keys at guest services.  

Moving guests officially will reprice the cabin if it removes the guest that earned the discounted fare.  One adult from the original booking has to remain in that cabin but if they are not eligible for the same discounts as the person being moved from that booking it will reprice to today's rate.  

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9 hours ago, sleepy425 said:

We go to guest services with an adult from each room and swap out who should be where.  A couple weeks ago we had three rooms and had to change everyone around.  It did mess with the onboard credits we had, but we just gave a list of what credit should be assigned to which room and we were good to go.

Not an issue for us this trip as the Bank of Mom and Dad is paying for everything in both rooms.  🙂

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