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Royal up on back 2 back


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Each leg of the back to back is its own cruise for Royal Up purposes. 

In the past, we have had successful bids for both legs of a back to back, and had different cabins for each leg. 

If you want to be guaranteed to stay in the same cabin for both legs, I recommend not bidding. 

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I have been offered a Royal Up for a cruise in 10 days.  Also doing B2B.  I am in Jr Suite, Aft.  I like the Aft cabins.  If I did bid I would not get the same cabins, nor probably not even get both Royal Up bids.  I also do not want to change cabins half way thru the trip.  So, I did not bid and we are keeping our cabin we chose almost 2 years ago.  

Happy Cruisers

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Look at the location of those owner suites.  I did a royal up on Adventure when it was at 30% capacity last year.  I didn’t due my research.  The OS are located below the pool deck.  With that cabin cdd as me all the noise of stacking, moving and cleaning of the deck.  I can’t imagine a full ship snd how much longer that noise would last.

if you are set on bidding it’s really not a big deal to pack up to shift cabins. I had to do it when I added a second leg to a week I had booked months previously 

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