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Ft. Lauderdale Hotels To Stay in Prior to Embarkation

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I am departing on Harmony of the Seas March 25, 2017. I arrive a day prior per RCCI recommendation. Anybody have a hotel recommendation that is close to the port, reasonably priced (trying to stay at or under $150), and provides transportation to/from FLL and/or Harmony of the Seas embarkation port?


Any ideas would be much appreciated! 

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I've stayed at Embassy Suites, Renaissance, Hilton, Hyatt, and HI express on 17th.  This time of year they are all pricey.  HI express really wasn't any cheaper the time I used it, just chose because I hadn't stayed before.  


That said as Waaaytooo pointed out, anything at $150 in the 17th corridor would be a rare find this time of year.  If its showing online as mworkman said I would jump on it.


All are within walking distance to shops and eateries (well, Hyatt is across the drawbridge) and I have have no issues with any of them.


All offer/arrange shuttle to the pier, return is usually on you.




My opinion:


Embassy Suites - best rooms but not good parking if leaving a car.


Renaissance - second best rooms and second best parking if leaving a car.


Hilton - good rooms, low rise section older and a bit cheaper, best grounds and best parking if leaving a car.


Hyatt - good rooms, low rise section older and a bit cheaper, second best grounds, long walk over the bridge to shops and eats, so-so parking if leaving a car. 


HI Express - basic HI Express quality which is good by me.  parking garage under const. right now so that may cause issues (?)  

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Thanks all for the tips. I found a Candlewood Suites with free airport and cruise port shuttle for $170. Jumped on it as your replies properly convinced me that $150 was a bit too optimistic! I'm flying in so shuttles to/from the airport and Port Everglades were priority one.

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First time for everything,


I just tried to like Bens post about finding a hotel and got a error message, aperently I passed my quota for likes today and wasn't allowed anymore!



I actually get this occasionally. It still records the like in my experience even when the error message appears.

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Now it works, maybe it's so many a hour or something. With me it didn't go through earlier when I got the error message.


Back to your regularly scheduled programing.

Maybe it's a Canadian thing . . . ? ;)


Could the cold weather be impacting your internet?

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