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Who is the current cruise director on Anthem of the Seas?

Steve UK

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9 minutes ago, Bazza said:

Had Joff on my very first cruise(s) on Ovation - he was brilliant!

His #2 was a blonde lady (Dutch I think - wish could remember her name) but they were superb together. 

Here is an interview that was conducted with Joff.


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Cruise Directors post their profiles to LinkedIn a job recruitment board with contains their resumes. It's easy to find most of the cruise directors as long as you know the name of the ship you will be on.

Also there is another website which I will not name because it's a rival site of ours that keeps an up to date list of cruise directors. Here is the list of current cruise directors.

ADVENTURE: Tornado Tanya Yates Tongue #116

ALLURE: Corey Rogers > 9-3, then Chris Brown #237

ANTHEM: Joff Eaton #204

BRILLIANCE: Jamie Fentiman #177

ENCHANTMENT: Eric Lopez #Me ,Bobby Broughton August> end of year #Me

EXPLORER: Elvis Pinto #214

FREEDOM: Chris Turdo > mid August #196

GRANDEUR: Talita Leoni, from Brazil #Me

HARMONY: Dan Whitney #244

INDEPENDENCE: Rickey Matthews #35

JEWEL: Clo O'Connor #218

LIBERTY: Katy McCullagh #205

MARINER:  Mario Isla #229, Marc Walker returns 8-13/11-26  #95

NAVIGATOR: Mey Lau #104

OASIS: Mitch Merucci, as of 7-22-22 for 5 weeks #248 

ODYSSEY: Ana Riberio from Portugal #170 >late summer then Mitch#155

OVATION: Mike Szwajkowsk #246

QUANTUM:  Mike Hunnerup #168, Steve Knisley 7/13 > 9/20 #187

RADIANCE: Mark Rous #260

RHAPSODY: Bill Brunkhorst, as of 6-16 #239

SERENADE: John Blair #52

SPECTRUM: Bonnie Bai #243

SYMPHONY: Brian Leavitt #190

VISION: Michelle Oliviera #126

VOYAGER: Katie Knowles #249

WONDER: Michele Scarpato as of 5-8-22, 

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