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Giant name on all ships?

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Why do you think there wasn't need for dry dock?

If memory serves me correctly, this work was done in the time between when the ship left the shipyard but before she was delivered. So it's in effect a kind of dry dock in the sense she was not in service.

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I think it still took a week or more to get both sides done. 

It's not the kind of thing that can be done while a ship is in service especially on turn around days when the pier is a beehive of activity.  Once at sea the ship is covered in a salty sea mist that would require preparing the whole area again but by the time it dried the ship would be on the move again if it was in service.  They'd never get it done or at best they could paint one letter per port stop.  Imagine a ship in service with part of the large name done, like "Wo" one day, then "Won" the next day, then "Wond".  Then it rains for a week and it stays "Wond" for two weeks.  It was be a social media disaster.   

In the case of Wonder it wasn't splashing around the ocean on a daily basis as they painted the large name on her.  For the rest of the fleet it definitely makes sense to defer this work to occur during dry dock when the ship is dry and out of service anyways.  Same with the baby blue hull paint that occurs in dry dock.  

Equally interesting is that they didn't task the first shipyard with this change order.  The ship was delivered per the original plans with the small name.  

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