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Online Check-In Process

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Hi All,

We are 46 days away from embarkation on Oasis from Bayonne on a 9-night Eastern Caribbean itinerary!

Online check-in theoretically opens at midnight tonight and I definitely want to get as early of a check-in time as possible.

I was wondering what the process was like? I imagine it is relatively different than our last check-in in 2019.

What kind of documents is needed to complete?

I know that the security photo can also be taken at this time but can a picture be uploaded from the photo reel? Or does it have to be taken at that time? (I don't mind staying up but my wife will most likely be asleep! Basically, I am wondering if I can take a picture of her ahead of time and then upload it).

Do you suggest checking in on the app on a phone or in the cruise planner on a computer?

Thanks for all of your help!

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I usually do online check in during the next morning and I still get early times.  It doesn't always open exactly when we want it to, sometimes it's a few days late so don't be disappointed if you wait up until midnight and nothing happens.

The app allows you to scan your passport so no mistakes are made typing data in manually.  Online you have to type it all in manually.  

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And the best times can always change after you've initially checked in - almost every cruise I've been on in the past year, has had (usually) an 11 am check in time to start, but an earlier time has opened later on - so you always want to check back to see if/when an earlier time has appeared (app or website)

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