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A Star Class experience on Harmony of The Seas June 12th 2022


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Hi all,

I'm going to try my hand at live blogging this trip.

Who's going: Tim (Me) and Kelli (my wife of 17 years!)

Cabin: 8330 A1: 2 bedbroom ATS

We got our Genie questioner almost 60 days out on 4/13.  I won't go over it as it has been covered countless times.

We got our Genie email yesterday at 28 days out and our Genie will be Stepan!  We responded right away and he already emailed us back this morning and seems like he will be a wonderful Genie!  (This is our second star class experience with the first one being on Oasis in December of this past year)

He did ask that we prebook Hibachi and Chef's table as he can't request until the day before.  I know some have been disappoint by this, but we just went with it and did as requested.

We are pretty easy going and this was our list of initial requests.


  • We are travelling with just the two of us, so no worries about vaccination challenges.
  • We are foodies and love everything so there is nothing we want to avoid
    • I will leave it to you to arrange dinners as you think is best (we are morning people so we prefer earlier dining times), also we do want to do Chef’s table one evening if there is an early seating for that.
    • Again, we will defer to you for everything, we are easy, the only thing we would prefer would be coastal Kitchen on night on after sail away.
  • On Boarding day we would like to do Sabor for lunch



  • We love Charcuterie type items or just plain cheese/crackers/salami etc
  • Sushi
  • Fresh fruits 
  • Late night we’ve been known to eat pizza/ranger cookies etc lol



  • We would love to have Truly (Pineapple/wild berry) heavily stocked in the room fridge and cooler if possible
  • We love Wine and Champagne (I know you can’t stock that, but just for reference.  Also I know there is a boarding day bottle and for that we prefer thee Moet Champagne)
  • Blue Moon (with oranges)
  • Coke Zero/Diet Coke
  • Club Soda
  • Tons of water
  • Sugar free red bull



  • We would like a standing order of 2 Starbucks Venti blonde/light roast with cream and equal



  • We have no preference, so will leave with you

We are traveling from Houston Texas and plan to fly in to Orlando the day before and stay at the courtyard in Coco Beach.

This will be my first try at live blogging, so please bear with me.  I will try to keep it entertaining as we like to have a lot of fun and enjoy being in the moment!

Here's to hoping the next 27 days go quick 🙂 

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So far Stepan has been very responsive and e-mailed us back sometimes with in the hour, but no more than the next day.  He did confirm that the Star class WOW bands will be available for our sailing and every request has been granted so far.  (Although we haven't asked for anything too crazy :))

We are now 3 weeks out and getting very excited!


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