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Checking In on the RC app

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First time cruiser, so I’m a little confused about this, but when it comes time to check in on the Royal Caribbean app, are my husband and I required to check in separately even though we’re under the same reservation number, or can one of us check in for both of us and be assigned the same check in time? 

Thank you in advance! 

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42 minutes ago, SpeedNoodles said:

One of you can check both of you in.  I always do this for my husband (but he has to participate when it's time to upload a photo!)

Whaaaaaaaaat?  No way.  You mean you can't use your picture in your husbands check-in photo!  Well, I'll be....................  🤭

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18 hours ago, SpeedNoodles said:

I get stressed if every single thing isn't checked off on the app.  Not clinical OCD, but it really, really, bothers me.

I'd say that's a healthy way to make sure you haven't missed a step! 

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I have photos of my wife and myself on my computer which we've taken for purposes such as visas, week long passes for the London Underground, or the Paris Metro, etc. I checked us both in and just uploaded one of her photos. It was easier than hunting her down and getting her to stop whatever she's doing to pose. 

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