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Let's see the new Los Angeles itineraries

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5 hours ago, Nathan adams said:

So impatiently waiting for the new l.a. itineraries.

Any word on release?

They pushed the LA release back to the week of April 4th.

Next up is Australia, now due for release next week. There were a few test cruises for there loaded this morning. 

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1 hour ago, Nathan adams said:

I can't wait that long. Lol. I leave for one in 2 days and always put a deposit for one while I'm on one. 

Can't you get one of the vouchers from Next Cruise? It's like an open booking and you then have 60 days to convert it to a specific sailing and still get the Next Cruise benefits. 

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1 hour ago, Nathan adams said:

I used to put a deposit on an undetermined cruise, but last time they wouldn't let me. I had to choose a cruise and said I couldn't move it to a different one. But that was pre pandemic.

There is very definitely an option to purchase an open booking, although it's a bit different to the ones that they used to have a number of years ago, which were better because they never expired. With the new ones, if you don't convert it to a named booking within one year of purchase, you forfeit the cost.

You can read the flyer here: https://www.royalonboardsales.com/content/assets/2015/05/19067517_BookNowBookLater_Flyer_Final-with-New-TCs-v2.pdf

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