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Anyone been on a cruise this month and used Adventure Ocean???

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We're on our last night of Liberty. They highly recommended making reservations, but there were only 120 kids on-board this week so they took walk ins too if there was room. Explorers and Voyagers were combined and limited to 20. They weren't close to that all week except for tonight's session. We didn't make a reservation and we're told there was only one extra spot left after us. 

DS had a great time. They were social distancing, but played games that didn't require close contact. He said he's sad this is his last time to go when I dropped him off tonight.

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We were on Navigator for Superbowl weekend on a 3 night sailing and they were allowing 3 sessions per child for the whole sailing. We were able to do all 3 sessions plus a few more. When we picked them up I would ask if they had availability for the next session or the next day and they always had slots open. They were able to spend most of the cruise at AO. Kids are 5 and 7. I'm not sure if they were separated since AO on Navigator is one huge space but the kids among their age group were playing with each other. They just had to keep their masks on.

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I went on two ships, Brilliance and Independence.

Brilliance had no limit on kids, but that was because they had very few kids onboard.

On Independence this past weekend, there were 600 kids, and they limited each child to 3 hours for the cruise (3-night cruise).

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