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Crown and Anchor Points on a free cruise.

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I have a free cruise from Royal Caribbean for two. I have to pay for the taxes and grats when I book. I think you normally don't get points for a free cruise, but if I added a third person to the room would I then be eligible for crown and anchor points? What about if I upgraded room categories?

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40 minutes ago, AshleyDillo said:

You will get points for a free cruise if you have to pay taxes and gratuities. It's special sailings such as media sailings where you wouldn't be paying taxes and port fees where they don't offer the points.

I was surprised I got the points for my cruise last October.  I actually thought it was a mistake and they would catch on and take them away from me.  Thanks for that info and I feel much better.

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You definitely get the C&A points for your "free" cruise. Since the return of cruises we have been on six "free" cruises through the casino so you know they were not free. 😜

We have received the double points for each of our cruises that we booked last year and have several to go for this year. Enjoy your upcoming cruise!

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