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Leaving Port on a Back2Back


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I have done plenty of B2B cruises but have never left the port between sailings. So here are my questions:

1.  Am I allowed to do this?

2.  Do I have to go back through all the same processes as if I were a new passenger?

3.  How does Covid testing play into this?

Any thoughts would be welcome.  Thanks


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You can in most ports.  I'm only saying most ports because there was a time when certain ports didn't want B2B off due to protocols but that was early in the restart.

Most of the time the letter for consecutive cruisers will instruct you to visit guest services before a certain time like 7:30am.  You'll get your new seapass card and an in-transit card.  Once you leave the ship you can't come back until general boarding has commenced for the new guests.  So if you want to slip out to a car in the parking lot at 8am you're stuck outside until the ship starts boarding at 11:30am or later.

You still have to go through security when you come back like everyone else checking in but you don't have to repeat all the remaining check in steps.  If the ship is already boarding when you return do go through security and then onto the ship.  

When you get tested on board they will email you the results so if requested you've got the negative test results to show them.  Very few people leave the ship during the B2B so terminal workers are in mass mode repeating all the steps like asking for a test letter.  The in-transit card *should* satisfy that but terminal workers are not Royal employees and they don't understand all of the nuances of a select few who might do this so, they are in repeat mode - test letter first step.

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10 hours ago, GregD said:

I believe @WAAAYTOOOhas done this and can correct me if I’m wrong, but you can leave the port. I believe you would do all the B2B processes first. Then do what you need to do out of the port. Come back through security. COVID testing would be handled on the first leg of the trip.

We have done this in Bayonne and in Port Canaveral and never had a problem.  Of course, this was all BC so who knows how easy it would be these days.

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