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Grandeur question


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That depends on the sea conditions for your cruise.  Even the largest ships in the world will have motion with the right sea conditions.

Some sea conditions combined with the speed and heading of the ship can produce motion that some people feel more than others.  In some cases as with roll (side to side) the front or back don't make a difference while higher decks are impacted more than lower decks.  In other cases with pitch or a porpoising motion the front and back do have more motion compared to midship.  Ship stabilization systems can improve roll but have negligible effect on pitch.

There is no way to know what the swell will be like on any given day.  Swell can caused by a weather system a thousand miles away and there can be different sources of swell reaching the ship at different angles.

Waves tends to be generated by closer weather situations such as wind.  Wind from one direction with two swells from other directions relative to the heading of the ship at a specific moment in time are a lot of variables that go into how much motion is felt and where on the ship that motion is felt.

People like to draw conclusions that are easy for them to sum and store in their heads.  The general thoughts are that lower, midship are the cabins least impacted but that still depends and doesn't guarantee no motion will be felt, it all depends on the unique sea conditions your experience while on board.

Some people are susceptible to the up and down lifting effects that large low period swell can create where the entire ship is lifted and lowered as the swell passes through.  These types of motions impact the entire ship equally and even the largest ships in the world are impacted by them so there is no escaping this motion on any ship in any cabin.

So to answer your question...  if you experience flat seas there will be very little motion all the way forward but if you experience different sea conditions there may or may not more motion forward relative to midship, or maybe the same motion as midship.  

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We have just got off grandeur after 14 nights around the Carribbean , we did a royal up from deck 3 to deck 8 ,my wife suffers from seasickness so was a bit worried she did not have a problem and even only took half a tablet (sea sick pills) a day . Regarding noise aft  while sitting in the Pacific lounge (aft) the noise when bringing in ropes ready for leaving port was very very loud but only lasted 10 minutes max.

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I have sailed on Grandeur in a forward cabin many times, usually on decks 2 or 3. Sailing from Baltimore, the seas can be rough. We often experienced "banging" of the ship into the waves. Sometimes the drawers would move in and out or the "ajar" bathroom door would open and close some.

This didn't bother us. We love sleeping to the moving of the ship. However, it did make things challenging when trying to shower, dress, or whatever else we did in the room.

Once in the Caribbean, the movement was much less.



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