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Odyssey of the Seas, Jan. 15, 2022 - The Not Live Blog, Blog


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Day 7 - Sea Day

On our way back across the Caribbean Sea and I'm no longer on the sunrise side of the ship so no morning photos.

I went to Playmakers for lunch.  They Sportsplex has been closed while we were in port as they finished the floor and fixed some other things here and there.

The shiny new floor of the Sportsplex:


Love the sea views from Playmakers.


Games of the week:



The Playmakers Classic Burger:


One more look at the shiny new floor.


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We were overtaking another ship in the early hours.


Captain's Corner this morning.


Crown and Anchor: Up Close and Personal With Your Entertainment Family

A one hour presentation and Q&A session with the cast and backstage crew.


At these events you always learn some tidbit of information and get insight what's it like for the cast and crew right now.  

Normally the cast spend a month or more at the Royal Caribbean Studios in Miami rehearsing a show.  Right now they are sent to a ship, go into quarantine and learn the show over video.  Once out of quarantine they meet for the first time and put all the pieces together into the production we see.  Amazing.

Simply georgeous sea day!  Talk about calm seas...


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Moving cabins between cruises so I have to pack up tonight.  I'm moving up in the world! 

I chose a deck 13 balcony for my next cruise as it was cheaper than the obstructed balconies I'm in now.  My current cabin is occupied next cruise so if I have to move I'm taking the opportunity to check out something higher, see if there is pool deck noise and if I like the location.  It's only a 6 night and was pretty reasonable so I'll survive no matter what.

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Is there anywhere on the ship to get milkshakes or hot chocolate(not packets)?   I had seen photos of the Cafe Promenade menu on other ships but I heard Odyssey doesn’t have the coffee/hot chocolate there.  From the photos of cafe two70 menu I don’t see them there either.   

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18 hours ago, SpeedNoodles said:

Do you know if there's anywhere on Odyssey to get smoothie-type drinks?

In the Solarium bar they were making smoothies with oats, protein and fruit (in December 2021) . They qualify as a Diamond drink! I'm also VERY VERY pleased the flowrider surface was replaced! It was... challenging with the bubbles and the standing seams. Thanks RCCL and Flowrider. 

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