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PCR Testing in 2 Days????

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RC is requiring PCR testing within 2 days. We leave in a week so have a little time. I haven't contacted Dr office yet but everyone I call (Walgreens, CVS. privates) are saying 48 to 72 hours.  So it's possible we won't get our results for boarding.  Anyone else having this challenge?  What happens if we don't get results?  Other ideas for us?  Thanks. 

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17 minutes ago, RC_Cruiser_Newbie said:

C is requiring PCR testing within 2 days.

If you are vaccinated, you can take the antigen test which is the one that offers a rapid turnaround.

PCR is only required for unvaccinated passengers and they actually have 3 days to take their test.

Check Walgreens and CVS online for scheduling. Walgreens has the ID-NOW (NAAT) test which has a quick turnaround time and is accepted by Royal. 

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5 minutes ago, RC_Cruiser_Newbie said:

Wow.  I totally missed that.  I will look into the Antigen test.  We all are over 13 and are vaccinated. I know this isn't a medical discussion board but I hope vaccinated equals antigen.  Meaning I hope it is not possible that if you are vaccinated you don't have antigens. 

Unfortunately it's totally possible.

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We sail on 12/20.   

I work at Quest Diagnostics - the lab that the CVS PCR test would go to for processing...

Getting tested on 12/18 at CVS but did not have confidence that results would be ready by PCR in time for boarding at 12pm 12/20... Weekend staffing/Holiday rush/etc...

Instead, booked Rapid Antigen test done at CVS... Results in 30m...


Clearing up something in above post:

Vaccination produces antibodies to fight infection in subsequent exposure...

An Antigen is molecule found in Sample that equals active infection and is what triggers an immune response...

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