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Freedom OTS - BACK in Nassau ???


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I see that Freedom is pulling back into Nassau right now.  It's 4:00 pm there and Freedom was there yesterday correct, and today was a sea day before docking at Coco Cay tomorrow.  Anyone have any idea clues?  I wonder if there is a Ship issue, it appears to really be swaying and the ocean doesn't look that bad.  

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16 minutes ago, dejavu21 said:

Hope everything turns out ok for all involved. 

It must have been a long day for the person who needs more medical care and their family.  We’ve been thinking  of them today.  While we don’t know who it is, it could happen to any one of us.

Our balcony faces the port and we still haven’t seen any sign of an ambulance coming to the ship.  

At the risk of sounding cold and too practical, incidents like this are good reminders of the need for travel insurance.  

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When we were on Oasis last week and docked in Nassau alongside Freedom…we saw an ambulance on the dock with Freedom and saw someone taken off…luggage and all.  No Covid protective wear was used so apparently the passenger had some other type of medical concern.   Now another one today…also from Freedom?  Yikes….  😱

Just hope nothing serious for either passenger!  🙏 

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