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Black Friday Sales


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I'm trying to hold out till Black Friday. I hear there are some good RC sales that day. Does the Roller Coaster on Labadee ever sell out? It is the one thing my girls have expressed an interest in. Is waiting gonna be okay?

( Also if you know about the deluxe drink package see a significant/makes it worth it sale? )


Thanks All!

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@AHollyS if Labadee is open by then. We had 2 itinerary to Labadee cancel that port and changed the itinerary in August and September.
Hopefully, things straighten out by your cruise.

As to Black Friday/Cyber Monday, they are often great sales. I buy now and then if the prices drop, make the changes.
Right now, my Alaska, May 2022 does not have my Grand Suite available, and when there was one when onboard, my price was better months ago when I purchased.

So to guard your best price, if you really want it, buy it now and keep an eye out for price drops. Some TA help you do that.

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Sometimes there are great deals on Black Friday. But the best prices that I've ever found on excursions, including those on the private islands, have appeared randomly between advertised sales.   Buy now and check frequently (I check my prices a few times a week at a minimum if I'm looking for a price drop on something I've already purchased).  If things start to sell out the prices could go up instead of down.  You can always cancel and rebook at the lower price if you find it.  Don't wait and count on Black Friday.

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