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Anthem of the Seas, North Star question

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26 minutes ago, Blondie511 said:

Booked on the Anthem of the Seas In November out of Bayonne.  Doing my research for onboard activities, some sites tell me the North Star is free, other sites tell me there is a fee.  Anybody know for sure?  

Make the reservation for it as early as possible, it is a very popular activity!

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@Blondie511, if you have any port days with evening (well after sunset) departure, try to get on the Northstar then. There is typically little demand for the Northstar on a port day, so even without a reservation you could ask to be wait-listed and not have a problem getting on.

Seeing the port area at night from an elevated POV is really something. Did that in Bermuda and it was great. Tricky to get photos because the glass is very reflective, but workable. You can see pics I was able to take that came out decently in this specific post from my last live blog:


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The NorthStar free version offered outside of Asia does a small turn to each side.  This shorter tour allows them to offer more tours per hour and since it's free that means more guests can experience it.  From sister Ovation:

The longer tour that goes over the side is a paid activity in Asia and at specific times during Alaska itineraries such as when the ship is at a glacier.  This video shows the longer tour followed by the short tour.


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