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Opinion: Safe to book July Freedom of the Seas?


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Good morning!

I tried searching for a topic similar to this but couldn't find much, so I apologize if this has been asked and answered.

My husband and I were thinking last night of booking a quick 3 day sailing on Freedom July 23-26 out of Miami. He loves the idea that the ship could be at reduced capacity and we want to see how all the new protocols are playing out.

With everything going on with the CDC and Florida, do you think this cruise will happen and/or is safe to book? We do have a cruise on Adventure in November (which we think and hope by then, everything will be fine) but have the itch right now to get away for a short weekend (plus celebrate my birthday haha ?)

Between the two of us, we have a $500 FCC to use and would love to use it for this cruise but don't want to risk booking and having everything cancelled once again.

Thanks for you help on this!

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If your question is "is there a chance this cruise could be cancelled?", then the answer is yes.

That isn't to say there's a good or bad chance it could be cancelled.  Just that there is still a risk of it happening.

I don't think there are any sailings that are a sure-fire bet.  But things look very promising right now.

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I have a hold on Freedom in August if the border opens.  I am prepared for whatever happens.  That's also why the short sailing appeals to us right now because should the cruise be interrupted in any way, at least I am not dumping as much money as I would on a longer sailing.  And if it gets cancelled, well, I get my FCC back so it will all be the same. 

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