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Nassau and St. Martin Beach Excursions

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That is usually a function of the particular excursion.  It's also not something that is guaranteed.  While Royal can control their own island at CocoCay they aren't in control over amenities at a 3rd party beach.  

Some sailing excursions such as a catamaran sailboat can have covered areas, some have no shade.   Tour operators might switch equipment if one of their boats isn't available that day.  

If you have a particular excursion in mind perhaps someone has already tried it and can comment.

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16 hours ago, Quilter620 said:

I am looking ahead to my 2022 cruise that stops at Nassau and St. Martin. I would like to do a beach excursion, but I am very sensitive to the sun. Do you know if any of the Royal Caribbean excursions include umbrellas?


I have seen posts about  renting chairs and umbrellas at St. Maarten. No personal experience, though.

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St Maarten - You can catch a water taxi ($7) near the pier and go to Great Bay beach within sight of the cruise ship. They have beach chairs to rent with umbrellas for $20. The ship excursion we did to Orient Beach had umbrellas with the chairs too. Orient beach is a nicer beach but after being to St Maarten many times we just take the water taxi across the bay.

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Hopefully 2022 is a return to some level of normalcy.

Would agree that Great Bay beach is a good place to go since you can get umbrellas and the like. My SiL is sensitive to the sun and hasn't had a problem there.

In Nassau, I would look at the Colonial Hilton as it's a short walk from the pier and they'll set you up on the beach or by the pool, and should be able to provide whatever shade you need.

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