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Potential cancellation after full payment

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Guys just wanted to get some thoughts of the group. My wife and I are due to cruise the Med in August this year. We have paid our cruise in full and also pre-paid our drinks packages. Total cost of about £2,000. Unfortunately my wife's father has taken seriously ill and is in hospital. It's not looking like we will get going on the cruise. I have travel insurance but I will get back less than half the cost. My question to the group is will Royal Carribbean allow me to,postpone my cruise and use my payment towards a cruise in the future?

All thoughts appreciated.

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You can get a 100% refund even if only a few days left. But you have the risk of not being allowed to re book. So you need to asked yourself a simple question; what is more important to me being able to cruise with Royal or to get all my money back? If you make yourself into a problem Royal will cancel you off the cruise and refund. But it does have risk involved, one way is to not agree to the terms within the boarding information. Or just be become a problem for Royal.


That is from the customers side, looking from Royal's side you booked the cruise and now you will not take the cruise so they are entitled to recover the loss you have caused.  

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So just wanted to give an update on our upcoming cruise. Thankfully things have improved with my wife's father. He is home from hospital and In decent spirits despite his illness. We have made arrangements that allow us to get away next Sunday and thankfully as my wife so needs a break. So we head to Jewel of the seas out of Rome and can't wait. If anyone has any questions re Jewel let me know and I will endeavour to find out whilst aboard. Thanks again for all the kind comments above.

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