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I reached out a few times and @AnnetteJackson responded not only on this blog but also via the private message. I am so sorry we are loosing some very fine individuals that we have learned to count on, they will be sorely MISSED. I wanted to publicly shout out to Sharla Manglass of MEI and the countless others of MEI TA's who are still sticking it out for us, I can't imagine how this situation has upended their lives as well. I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for continuing to take great care of us during these unprecedented times. I for one appreciate every single thing they do for us, please know you ARE appreciated Sharla, more then you know! Thanks for sticking it out with us, you are the BEST this industry has to offer.


you da best GIF

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15 hours ago, PG Cruiser said:

Is there a representative of MEI in this blog  who could address questions regarding the transitions and changes due to the departures?  If it’s okay with @Matt, I wish there was a thread with someone from MEI responding to such questions.

I think that might best be served via email, just because I think a lot of the questions are going to be personal in nature. I'd advise you to go right to the top and email [email protected]  Beci is the owner of MEI, and I know she can assure you of any concerns you have.

There's no denying the agents that are leaving have been very visible in our community, but MEI has some excellent agents that get name dropped here (and even more that do not) that are still with the company.

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