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Use FCC to pay cruise deposit


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RC has changed their policy and allows to use FCC for the cruise deposit on the new reservation. 

I tried to book a new reservation online but still ask for credit card details for the deposit. 

Does anybody know how to apply the FCC for deposit online?



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@GNW, in these crazy times the LAST thing I would do is book on my own. Fill out the form, contact MEI Travel. It costs you nothing and you will feel absolutely supported and almost empowered with them in your corner. They WILL advocate for you and most likely will be able to navigate this new policy seamlessly. Good Luck!

Signed a satisfied Sharla Manglass MEI client. 

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Whether it was legitimate or not (one never knows), I did read an account on the "other" site today of someone who used the online "tool" to apply their FCC in lieu of a cash deposit and according to this account, the booking got totally FUBAR.  The OP apparently got double charged for the deposit and had a new FCC generated.  According to this account, Royal refused to correct this mistake.  Again....grain of salt with what you read over there.  However,  if you are planning on using an FCC to pay a deposit and/or part of your cruise fare, I STRONGLY recommend that you do NOT use the online tool and get a good TA to help you with it.

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