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Problems using FCC and Royal Promotions

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So I finally got my long awaited FCC from my cancelled March 15 cruise (I took the cruise with confidence offer a few days before they cancelled). Now I'm looking into applying it to my 2021 cruises that I've already booked and I'm running into some issues with how the credit was parsed out. Since Royal doesn't just split the FCC and divide it by the number of people, everybody has a different amount of FCC and I'm finding myself having a hard time using it based on Royal and their weird promotions.

So example, I have $~1600 in FCC, my husband has $600, my son has $700 (rounded for clarity). So the promotion at the time was BOGO 60% off the second person.

Both of my 2021 cruises have a bogo50% promotion, but in one case, my husband is guest #1 and in the other case I'm guest #1. Guest 1 always owes way more $ than guest 2. So according to my math, I'll owe ~$1200, my husband will owe ~$1100  and my son will owe ~$400 for final payments. However, when I thought I would be made whole with the FCC, it looks like both my son and I will each have 300-400 left over in FCC, while my husband will owe $500. Am I understanding this right?

My TA says it's too late to switch my husband and I from guest 1 to 2. That's the kind of thing I would never have thought mattered. I don't want to lose the excess, but I can't possibly go on more than 2 cruises a year and the FCC must be used by 12/2021. I thought they extended it to March 2022, but my FCC is pretty clear on the dates.

How are other people applying the FCC? It seems like Royal is always coming up with different promotions, so it seems like it's going to be impossible to use the credit without some loss, unless you catch the same promotion. Any one else in the same boat?


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I've read elsewhere that a good travel agent can handle this for you. If its all the same names on the cruise and FCC... they should just be able to apply all the FCC's to the same booking. May take a few phone calls to get worked out though. 

Good luck and hope it gets worked out for you. 

Welcome to the board. 

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Thanks everybody. I was reading on a different board that there is even more fine print that they didn't tell us. It sounds like if you don't use your FCC completely for the first cruise, you have to wait until the first cruise returns before they will issue the remainder as a new FCC, no exceptions. So ideally, you need to make sure the final payment for your second cruise is a few weeks later than when your first cruise returns, to give them time to re-issue it. In addition, my TA said royal also needed a few weeks before final payment to use the FCC certificate in the first place.  

My second cruise's final payment date will be the day my 1st cruise returns, so it sounds like I will only be able to use the FCC on one of the cruises. I'll probably have to pick the 2nd cruise since owe a lot more $. So I guess Royal gets to walk away with almost half my FCC since I can't cruise more than 2 cruises a year.

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18 minutes ago, Jim S said:

Just wondering if you are able to use the FCC towards the final balance on a cruise that was booked prior to the cancellation of the cruise where the FCC has been issued. Does anyone know if RCCL will allow this?

Prior to CWC or COVID-19 you could apply an FCC to any cruise, even one that was paid in full in which case you would get a credit card refund in the amount of the FCC that was applied. 

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Wow, looks like I may have lucked out then. I've always had my wife booked as guest #1 and my son as guest #3, so when ever I get my FCC they will work out well to use for my next two cruises. The first cruise gets back two months before final payment for the second.

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