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It's Done!!! Sign for Sail Away, on Allure OTS 5-15-16!!!

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Hi Matt and All.


Here is the Sign I made for my upcoming Cruise.

It took me a little bit to put it together, to get the

Spacing right.

I know I could've had a sign printed out from Vista print.com,

but I am a do-it-yourself kind of gal.

I have Sent Port Everglades Wave Hi Cam, a messege, to when, and where, I will be located, when Allure pulls out, so they can Zoom In. (10th Deck Balcony Cabin, Port Side)

Thank You Billy, for helping locate right area to send messege to.

19 Days to Go!!!!!! Come on May 15th!!!!


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I'd say you're about as excited as anyone I've ever seen to go on a cruise, Kat !


Good for you !


Sign looks great. Sounds like you have everything lined up.


Enjoy yourself !


I don't think I have ever been this excited on my past Cruises!!! Don't get me wrong, I was excited to go on the cruises, just not THIS excited!!

I think the main driving force, behind this level of excitement, is becoming a member, on the Blog site.

Finding out more information that I have ever known about Cruising. Making new Friends, on the Rc Blog, as well as My fellow Cruisers on the same Cruise as myself.

Being able to Periscope my Cruise, and share the Experience with other Cruising enthusiasts!!!

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Matt...we've seen your Periscopes. She's showing you up in the signage department. :)

Are you talking about his Blog Insider Sign? lol!!! That is a great Sign too though!!!!

I thought about holding a sign from sail away. I was like, who do I want to say hi to, when Port Everglades cam Zooms in? Obviously, it's the community of the wonderful fellow Cruisers, and best place to get RCI Cruise Information!!! 😎⚓ï¸ðŸ›³

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Nice sign Kat! I'll be watching for you on the webcam and following your Periscopes. Know that we will be waving at you as you sail away. When you get back I'll only have 18 days to go, so following along with you (and everyone else's Periscopes) will definitely make the time go by quicker  :)


Love your excitement, my DH used to think I'm the only crazy cruise person, boy was he wrong, LOL! He loves the cruises but is so low key and wants to be surprised while I'm totally the opposite, enjoying the planning and dreaming as much as the cruise hahaha. We have such a slow roll call on CC for our upcoming June 11 Anthem cruise that I'm glad I've found you all here so I don't drive him totally crazy as I count down the days (only 44 more :D ).

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Hello Sue


Thank you so much!!! Yes I am a very high spirt person, especially with Cruising!!!

My DH husband is the Same way as yours.

I have done so much planning with this Cruise. I i'm not the most crafty person in the world, but I do like creating things to show my enthusiasm!!! This is a Sign I have made for our Cabin Door. It was a plain chalkboard frame at the start of it. I painted the frame, and hot glued Sandollar's around the edge, that's blue aqua sand the bottom, and fun with cruising stickers, and puffy letters.

Our CC roll call group is very active, and pumped. I think we have over 100 members attending the meet and mingle. We have scheduled two events as well, a cabin crawl, and a slot pull. We Also have a very active Facebook Group, made up of Mostly CC members, and other Facebook users. We will all be wearing Mardi Gras beads on embarkation day, to find each other in the terminal, to come up to each other, and say hi.

I will do my best to periscope anything and everything. I want to be able to share my experience, and make it fun for people watching along. I will also be writing on a live review on the blog, and CC.

I am doing the same thing as you, watching everybody's periscopes to get me through, until it's my turn to cruise!!!!

Will you be Pericoping from your cruise?

Look forward to hearing about yours as well.


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The door sign is awesome! I'd say you are very crafty  ;)


Our Roll Call is basically a dud, the slowest I've seen for a cruise I've booked. It could be because it is only a 5 day cruise but past 5 day cruises we have done have been more active so I don't know. Last week someone asked if there was a meet & mingle since it wasn't a 7 day cruise so I said we could do one for ourselves and I'd even put together a cabin crawl, slot pull or bar/poker crawl as I've done in the past but not one response. My DH will probably be happy about that LOL. Sounds like you have a great group for your roll call - what fun!


Yes, I've bought the big Voom package so I can stream Periscope from the Anthem and hope to get all over the ship with scopes. I'll also have wifi on Bermuda (with hot spots now located all over the island supposedly) so can scope from there. I've heard conflicting reports on the wifi location at Horseshoe Bay Beach but I hope to be able to scope from there too. I'm @SeaSetter for anyone else who would like to follow. I always do a Photo review on CC (camera/picture addict) and can do one here too. I even just finally upgraded my old iPhone 4 to a 6S Plus to have a better video camera for scoping and to be able to read the comments without squinting  :)

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