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Anthem Bahamas - How to Pack in March

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Leaving in 2 weeks from Cape Liberty for a 1 week cruise.  Yah!  So excited!  First day is a sea day, then we go to Orlando, CoCo Cay, Nassau, then one last sea day before we return.

We are coming from Toronto and we have probably 12-15 cm of snow right now (and cold!).  I know that NY is about the same weather.

For clothes, I am packing about 3-4 tshirts each, a few pairs of shorts, a few pants and a few long sleeves. Evening wear is also a mix of fall/summer wear.

I think we'll all wear shoes instead of bulky boots....and hopefully manage in New Jersey for a day.  

What I'm struggling with is what jacket to bring.  Do we bring our winter snow jackets (very bulky!)?  Fall coat?  Spring coat (too light for start and end)?

Also...for anyone that has stayed at Embassy Suites...is it a long walk to the strip mall outside?  As above, really hoping not to have to bring boots.

Never cruised out of Cape Liberty before, and especially when it is a cold winter at the start.  Any advice is much appreciated.

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We will also be in the same cruise 🚢 coming from Toronto. I travel back and for to NY/ NJ all the time. 

As far as the weather, there is no snow like what we have here right now. I would recommend the packable puffer jackets as they are easy to roll up back into the pouch it comes with. The weather is getting nicer but of course, you never know. 
No boots needed. Less to deal with. Weather has been nice but check future forecast .  Can always leave boots in car if you are driving in. 
We are picking up my mom in Connecticut so we are not utilizing hotel this time. 

Many Canadians on this cruise with the March break. We have left from Bayonne many times and have done similar itinerary with same ship but not on Canadian breaks so may see many on this ship!  


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Hi there.  Nice you're on the same cruise.  Yes, I expect it to be very busy with families travelling for March break.

We're flying to that's why we need to watch what we are bringing.  You're right...hopefully it will go back to spring like last weekend and then won't be much of a challenge.

Good to confirm we can get away with no boots...and thanks for the jacket suggestion.

Safe travels!

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I'd hold off on the boots. I'd also go for a lighter jacket vs something heavy and bulky. It'll be chilly for about a day or so but quickly warm up as you pass the Carolina's. Same for the return, weather permitting, it'll start to get cold again the last day or so after you pass the Carolina's. Anthem has plenty of indoor things & a covered solarium so it's always HOT HOT HOT in there! 

Enjoy the cruise!

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7 minutes ago, WannaCruise said:

Thank you!  Good idea...will add a sweatshirt to the packing list, which will help with a lighter coat.  Appreciate the feedback.

I live about 90 minutes from Bayonne and yesterday was cold with a nasty wind. A sweatshirt and a spring jacket was fine since I wasn't going to be outside long. Later in the night I was 60 minutes from Bayonne but outside more, a wool coat was all I needed. As it's been stated, it's actually getting warmer, last few days was just a bit of a cold front. It's almost time to start complaining about cutting the grass :).

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