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Useful weather tool for planning clothing / packing


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Found a really useful site to get historical average weather conditions for a given month -- weatherspark.com. It covers every single place I'll be visiting on my Iceland & Greenland cruise, including the Prinz Christian Sund waterway that we'll be traveling through when we leave Qaqortoq.

You can view the average data for an entire month, and it gives a ton of useful information -- high-low temperature range, hours of daylight (useful in the far north!), average rainfall chance and total over the month, average wind speed and direction (hugely useful in a place like Prinz Christian Sund, where we're standing on deck much of the day observing the scenery and need to dress warmly enough), average water temp (I remember @twangster's comment about how, absent any major land nearby, ambient air temp is driven by the water temp), and more.

This just made planning our wardrobe and what layers to pack a lot easier! Figured I'd share since I know there are others here who've been trying to figure out what to pack for a cruise that changes climates, and visits variable climates, kind of quickly over a few days.

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9 minutes ago, ShutterBex said:

@JLMoran No worries! It's a great resource. I think I have figured out the closest location to Roatan listed on weatherspark is Coxen Hole. We appear to be docking on one of the islands near Honduras, rather than on mainland Honduras.  If anyone sees something different please let me know!  TYIA.

Coxen Hole is what they refer to for the Roatan port that Royal Carribean docks at, so that should be a good point of reference.

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