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1 hour ago, Booscruize said:

Thank you so so much! We always wanted to get married on the ships deck but they don’t allow it anymore so we decided that since our number of guests is small and we know that many people throw parties/cabin crawls in their suites that the genie could help us with a few platters and some bubbly! Praying this all goes off without a hitch LOL Love your blogs btw! I am catching up on everyone’s SC adventures! 

Thanks so much. I will help in any way I can

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On 12/4/2019 at 5:55 AM, Booscruize said:

Omg my partner and I just booked Star Class 1720 on the November 7th 2021 sailing....and we are having a small wedding ceremony on the balcony! We can’t wait!!!! Thanks so much for all the amazing SC info!! 

That sounds amazing.  Congrats on your upcoming nuptials.

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54 minutes ago, Booscruize said:

Thank you so so much! We are so thrilled to be doing this! And really excited to film it all for our Cruise travel channel Booscruize! Loving your blog! 

Thanks!  Oh, that sounds awesome.  I will definitely check out your channel.  We watch vlogs all the time, but there's not really many videos from Star Classers.

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A great blog!  How hard was it for the kids to walk to different areas of the ship from the aft of the ship?  @WAAAYTOOO mentioned it’s a lot of walking from the ATS. 

I was looking at the OTS 2 bedroom ATS in March, 23. We have 3 kids who will be 10,8, and 5.  I like the fact that there’s a separate room for the kids.  Thanks!

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