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Playmakers Arcade question

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2 hours ago, Baked Alaska said:

Also, can my 15 year old eat at Playmakers? The website says 21+: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/oasis-of-the-seas/things-to-do/playmakers


We were just on Symphony a few weeks ago and went in there all the time with our 7yo son ..... we didn’t eat there, but he loved playing all the games in there 

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18 hours ago, melski94 said:

Yes.  My kids love to eat at Playmakers and they love to play the games there with their arcade credits.

Same here my kids were 13 and 7 yr old loved it on Symphony last yr. Staff had no issue w/ kids in there. Arcade credits worked fine for them

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5 hours ago, Baked Alaska said:

@melski94 @ChrisK2793 @Mr. Candyman I'm thinking this is like Dave & Busters (light), right? So, can we just load the credits up on my son's card, but my DH and myself can also use his card to play games?

Yes, we’ve eaten there with my young daughter. Also, the arcade games at least on Navigator in Playmakers aren’t the kind a young kid would want to play. It had a Pac-Man, Galaga, and I think a hunting gun game. The shuffleboard table and those games are free, the foosball table looks like it needs quarters but it just pushes in to drop the ball. 

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