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You can use the Starbucks card to pay for your purchase at the Starbucks kiosks on the ship.  You can't redeem rewards/stars, but you will get stars earned for making the purchase.  If you use the app for your card, remember that you will need Wifi to pull up the app, so if you aren't paying for VOOM on the ship you need to screenshot your payment screen so you can pull it up..or you need to use a physical card.

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51 minutes ago, coneyraven said:

 the others may sell Starbucks products, but they are NOT Starbucks. 

Usually there is signage that says something like "Proudly serving Starbucks," these as @coneyraven said,  are not Starbucks, they are just serving their products. If you like their coffee, then it isn't a problem, just don't expect to get your Unicorn Frappe, or one of those other exotic Starbucks drinks.

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We just sailed on HOTS over Labor Day and we were able to use the card and the app for sure in the Starbucks Storefront on the Boardwalk.  It was very easy, selection looked to be the full menu and the prices were not that much more than Starbucks on land.  And as said earlier you can get your points for purchases but cannot redeem any stars on board.

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