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  1. You will love it. The water was really nice when we were there, it was really hot so just being able to walk down the sand into the water was a plus. Each Day Bed gets 2 lounges along with the bed so it is perfect for four people to "Chill". Remember it includes 4 wristbands, so if it is just two of you, make some friends on the ship and invite them to hang with you.
  2. See the post above. It looks like they listened to the concerns everyone had and is making a change for the better.
  3. Just saw this on another groups page..looks like they listened and willing to change. Nice to see them act on it.
  4. The beds were pre-assigned. When we got to our stateroom there was instructions and an assigned bed. There is a map with it to show which beds are where. Be sure to take the tram once you get off the pier, it will take you around to the check in concierge for the day beds.
  5. We were on the Harmony for the extended cruise over Labor Day and we did a Day Bed on Chill Island and it was wonderful. They do have waiters that walk around taking drink orders throughout the day. It does make it very nice to not have to get up and down for cocktails all day long, but the swim up bar is very close as well as the Snack Shack and other necessities. just for what it is worth, the day beds were great, that part of Chill Island is just that, CHILL. Super quiet when we were there and the water was fantastic. Hope you enjoy it if you do wind up getting it. P.S. The price
  6. We just sailed on HOTS over Labor Day and we were able to use the card and the app for sure in the Starbucks Storefront on the Boardwalk. It was very easy, selection looked to be the full menu and the prices were not that much more than Starbucks on land. And as said earlier you can get your points for purchases but cannot redeem any stars on board.
  7. That is what I was hoping would happen so i could then use the OBC towards it. I guess I will wait and see and if I can't cancel on board I just might have to drink a few less cocktails...lol Thanks!
  8. Unfortunately it was a gift card that was given to us and can only be applied to OBC, there is no way to use it in the planner. Also, we are sailing this coming weekend and I had someone who is sailing now on the HOTS upload a picture of the first day Cruise Compass and the "deal" for the Deluxe Package was as much as in the Cruise Planner. Currently in my planner it is $61/day ($122 for 2 people) and on the ship it was BOGO at half off for $82/day ($123 for 2 people) so not really any difference at all. I thought it would be a big difference as well.
  9. I have purchased the refreshment package already but I might consider upgrading to the Deluxe Beverage Package once on board the first day. My question is, will they refund me the amount I paid for the Refreshment Package to our on board account and then charge me for the Deluxe Package? I do not want to cancel the Refreshment yet in case i choose not to go with the Deluxe. One of the other reasons I do not want to book it ahead is that we have $500 on board credit waiting for us when we board. Thanks for any info you can provide.
  10. Interesting to hear. We are booked on HOTS on 8/25 with stops at CocoCay , St. Thomas then St Maarten. I wonder if they are going to re-route somewhere else. Will continue to monitor this.
  11. We are on the HOTS on 8/25 and booked one of the Daybeds after hearing about it being nice and quiet on South Beach. Now i wonder if it is gong to be a more crowded area around CI. Hoping someone will be able to get some pictures ad they visit between now and our sailing. Keep us posted if you hear anything new.
  12. Just received this email today as well. Was looking forward to some relaxing time on the Daybed i reserved for our HOTS cruise in August. Now I am wondering how crowded Chill Island is going to be with all the extra Cabanas and Daybeds.
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