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Temps inside on Alaskan Cruises - what to wear

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I have only cruised southern (Caribbean) destinations and naturally onboard attire was shorts or capris and a t-shirt/tank top.  We're sailing to Alaska in 2 weeks and I don't know what to pack for inside (e.g., casino, theater, general inside areas).  Are they warm enough for capris/t-shirt or should I be wearing long pants (e.g., jeans, yoga pants).  I know for any outside activity I should be in long pants and/or layers but hate to be hot inside because I only packed for "outside."  I already know layers and prepare for damp weather for off-ship activities.  

Thanks so much for any help or advice you can give me!

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Welcome to the message boards!

Inside the ship won't feel too different compared to a Caribbean cruise.  If you need a sweater in the theater when sailing in the Caribbean, you'll need one in Alaska too.  If you are fine walking around inside the ship in shorts, you will be inside the ship on an Alaskan cruise.  

The only time you might want to have long pants would be in case the Captain calls out some marine life and you want to jump outside to see it.  

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29 minutes ago, FrHoffard said:

We are currently having a bit of a heat wave here in Southeast Alaska (Juneau), it is currently 67 F, sunny and gorgeous....with the same expected all of this week.  Just keep an eye on the weather and make changes to your packing list accordingly.  Enjoy your cruise!

Sunny? What's that?

Don't you mean "cloud failure" to describe the weather?

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16 hours ago, rjac said:

What time of the year was that? Thanks. :27_sunglasses:

Early July.

While I was in shorts and sandals, a significant majority of passengers were in long pants and jackets (some bordering on being heavier than I EVER wore when I lived in Northern Indiana) while on deck. Indoor temperatures were often too warm for my liking, given we traveled to Alaska

Pool deck chair hogs were not an issue on either of my Alaska sailings.

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On 8/6/2019 at 8:18 AM, HeWhoWaits said:

On our last Alaska cruise, the only time I wore long pants was to MDR dinner. Otherwise, shorts for me the whole trip - inside and out.

My husband will be SO glad to hear that - he's balking at bringing too many long pants.  I'm thinking something nice for MDR and long pants for dog sledding on the glacier, probably for salmon fishing too!

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On 8/7/2019 at 7:06 PM, Baked Alaska said:

I wore guide pants from Orvis. They have loops on the sides to convert to capris. Wore those fishing, hiking, specialty dining. . . everywhere. Colors great, goes with everything. Love them. Here's what they are: https://www.orvis.com/p/women-s-guide-pants/17n2 


Perfect - I was actually looking at some of the convertible pants!  Thanks!

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