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Hello! It's me again @Neesa  I would like to know from personal experience your thoughts. We are sailing Harmony in the Owners suite so we have some suite perks. We don't usually drink alcohol because we don't drink in front of our teen (don't want her to think it's "cool") We are bottle water drinkers but not Aquafina due to the added salt etc. We are coffee drinkers especially iced latte types as well as we will sneak (crazy right?) when our daughter isn't around to see; a frozen rum drink or 2, we do not drink soda at all. The Deluxe drink package in our planner is 49.99 per person per day, it's says this is at a cost savings to total over $800.00 for the week. Is this truly a discounted cost? Does the concierge lounge have bottled water to help yourself to? I want to make an educated decision, just not sure of all of the facts to make it. I am not a cheapskate but as I want to really enjoy my sailing I don't enjoy being wasteful either. I appreciate your thoughts, have a wonderful day!

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Deluxe package onboard runs around $70 a day onboard.

Not consuming alchohol it might be better to go with the Refreshment package. If you're on an Oasis class ship bottled water is offered in the Suite Lounge commonly between 11a-11p. Other ships might offer it the Lounge during the normal cocktail hour period, think typically 4:30p-8p.

Don't forget the Lounge also has an espresso machine, just no ice or flavored syrups. Other option might be getting then coffee card.

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1 hour ago, Neesa said:

#Fairlynew~ Harmony 11/24-12/01 2019 it says 49.99 each package

As someone else said why not just buy the refreshment package? Thats only $20 a day and includes the Specialty coffees, water bottles, and Virgin Frozen drinks.. What you could do is order a virgin frozen drink with your package and then just purchase a shot of alcohol to go in your drink. That would cost much less then purchasing the whole drink.. Also its annoying if you are enjoying yourself on deck 5 to have to run up to deck 17 to get water bottles or coffee. Its so much easier to have a package of some kind. 

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