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Virtual Concert (Anthem of the Seas)

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I went twice in the last two years on Quantum.  It was pleasant.  It was interesting.  If we were just looking to relax it would be nice.  Now the "but"...

We love the live music on Royal Caribbean.  It was "captured" us 14 years ago.  As long as they continue to have great live music (Broadway, Standard shows, small Cabarets, live house bands), we will keep coming back.  Even on the small ships the RC Orchestra will play live intimate shows. 

We like to dance.  If there is pre-recorded Ballroom Music on a great dance floor, we will still seek out the live bands.  If there is a musician in Central Park under the stars, we will  easily sit there for an hour.

The Virtual Concert was nice, but we will always default to live music.

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Agreeing with @Matt here. Great to see once. 

The great thing about the Two70 and this event is that you don't need a reservation for it. Its open seating or even standing. You can wander in and listen and watch to see if you enjoy it. Leave if you don't. The Two70 space is REALLY impressive for shows. I doubt you will be dissapointed.

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