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Junior Suite Guarantees Available for Royal Caribbean Blog Cruise


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For those of you who may still be interested in coming along on the Royal Caribbean Blog cruise (Feb 21, 2016) on the Allure of the Seas, I noticed yesterday that they have 13 Junior Suites still unsold on this cruise !  Because of that, I assume, they have offered the Junior Suite Guarantee category for this cruise.  It is rather rare for RCI to offer the Junior Suite Guarantee category.


The Guarantee rooms are offered at a total discount of $300 off the normal price for Junior Suites.


The Guarantee category allows RCI to assign you a room anywhere on the ship within the room category so you could end up in any of the Junior Suites...but you'd still be in a Junior Suite and you would save $300 !  Double points !!!

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I don't know if its the same but on Harmonys 22nd sailing they are doing a guaranteed suite option. I paid £1000 for 2 people and the suite is only an extra £200 so as matt says YOLO I've upgraded.


only a junior suite mind but I get a bath! and double points :P

You must be joining Matt's scopes. Yolo! :)

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