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Complementary Dinner Priority


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I will get on Harmony.

I think the followings are restaurants which offer free dinners.


1.Main dining

2.Solarium Bistro


4.Park Cafe



Our cruise will last 7 nights.

Is this combination suitable for our trip?

Or, we would increase the number of Main dining?


(My current idea)

1.Main  dinning* 2nights

2.Solarium Bistro*2nights


4.Park Cafe*1night




We will not consider having specialty dinner.

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I don't think Park Cafe is open for dinner but I could be wrong.. Also Sorrento's is not really a dinner place its just a quick place to grab a couple slices of pizza. I guess you could technically eat there for dinner but if it was me I would either eat in Main Dining Room again or Windjammer. 

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I think @AGSLC5 is right that Park Cafe is barely open for dinner, unless you are okay with eating dinner at 5pm.

Also, Sorrentos is hardly a full meal. More of a snack (pizza).

I'd just tack on those 2 nights for the Windjammer. Dinner options in the Windjammer change nightly, so it's not like it's the same each evening.

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2 hours ago, Jolly Ogre said:

Not on the Allure last month.

The Allure doesn't have Solarium bistro for dinner.. They have a totally different restaurant up there called Samba Grill.. That costs money and it not the same restaurant as Solarium Bistro.. All other Oasis class ships have just regular Solarium Bistro and they are free for dinner. Sorry for the confusion. 

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3 hours ago, AGSLC5 said:

It has been Free for Dinner for awhile now too. There is one item on the dinner menu that costs money and that is the Lamb Chops they cost $10 but everything else is free for dinner. 

Yes, I can see an entry for Solarium Bistro Dinner as $0 under Cruise Planner.

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Honestly, I'd remove those last few entries since they're more quick meals/small bite type of service and stick to a combination of Main Dining Room and Windjammer, both of which serve somewhat different purposes. 

Want a sit down meal where you might dress a little bit more nicely? Plan on the Main Dining Room. 

Want a really casual buffet style meal where you maybe don't feel like looking nice after say for example, a long day in port? The Windjammer would suit that day. 

Really between those two complimentary options, you'll be pretty happy. The menu changes each night in both. Solarium Bistro is my favorite spot for breakfast and lunch, and Park Cafe is known for it's Kummelweck sandwiches on boarding day. Sorrento's is basically just pizza that tastes pretty awesome when you're super hungry and looking for a snack after a long day in port, or when you're up really late and trying to soak up the effects of the drink package. 

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