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  1. I have a question on bringing a small scissors into the cruise. Is it OK when checking in?
  2. It is about two weeks before our next cruise. I have downloaded Royal App onto my iPhone and can see a lot of activities there. However, I don't see any description whether they are free or not. How can we judge on Royal App that they are not charged?
  3. I am planning to attend a shore excursion that include snorkeling. In the activity, can I rent a Mask for near sightedness ? Or, can I do snorkeling with my glasses for near sightedness? If both cannot be archived, I have to forgive snorkeling because I cannot enjoy beautiful sightseeing in the sea.
  4. Do we have to check my luggage (large suitcases etc) by a porter during embarkation? Or, can we bring it with myself? We would like to use something in my luggage asap in my stateroom, so we would like to enter the ship with it.
  5. > and ask them for a to-go box immediately. Good idea!
  6. We have never experienced a cruise which will last more than a week. So my wife is wondering how she can lose weight during the cruise. In addition, there is a temptation that a tons of restaurants are available which offer complementary foods. Please tell us your idea to lose weight on board!
  7. Thank you for your useful answer! However, I am afraid that I may give them a tip when I ask them. That is why I am investigating how to get ice pieces by myself. Do you know?
  8. Hello, I am wondering if we can get ice from anywhere onboard and bring it to our stateroom to make some drink cold. I will sail on Harmony. Is there any facility to get complementary ice?
  9. @CGTLH They are cool! Thank you for sharing the great photo. Can we buy a $1 gaming chip by USD1 in cash?
  10. A transparent glass mug seems to be rare. Is there any colored mug with HOTS/RCCL log?
  11. Hello, I will cruise on Harmony. I would like to buy a souvenir which has a "Harmony of the seas" logo and is not expensive. My first choice is a mug. Other than it, it is very appreciated if you can recommend me.
  12. Thank you. I couldn’t find an entry for 7:15 nor 7:00 on the day. I will ask the waiter.
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