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Let's talk Passports and Documents
Even though I do tell clients what they need to bring with them to board a ship sometimes life
gets in the way and they forget or find out last minute they don't have what they need.  My rule of thumb
is when I make final payment OR you make your final payment CHECK your passport or Documents
and make sure they are in order.  if not you still have some time>  Trust me - I have had to run to DC
and get a last minute passport for my husband because we could not find his current passport or His
birth certificate and it cost me $500 but I did get it 4 days before sailing so it can be done, lol
Don't make my mistake. 

Here below is what is actually written on your cruise document from ROYAL with links too.

Before You Leave: Required Travel Documents and Identification

It is the guest's responsibility to obtain all valid travel documents for their vacation. These valid travel documents such as passports, visas,
inoculation certificate and family legal documents are required for boarding and re-entry into the United States and other countries. Guests should
check with their travel agent and/or government authority to determine the travel documents needed for each destination, including the port of

Documentation and Immigration Requirements

· Guests are highly encouraged to travel with a valid passport, even when not required
· For your protection, we recommend that your passport expiration date does not occur within six (6) months of the sailing return date.
· Some foreign ports of call require a visa. Please contact the Embassy (Consular Services) of each country on your sailing itinerary or the visa
service of your choice for specific visa requirements, information, forms and fees for your nationality. Royal Caribbean suggests the visa provider,
CIBT at www.visacentral.com/royalcaribbean or 1.800.858.8579 (identify yourself as a Royal Caribbean guest for discounted rates).
· The spelling of the guest(s) name as booked for a cruise must match exactly as their valid passport or proof of citizenship / identification during
ship check-in formalities.
· Certain countries may have specific travel requirements for your itinerary. Please check any one of the websites below to understand what is necessary for your vacation.
· All guests (including children) must present a valid passport when sailing on U.S. Open Loop voyages. These are voyages that commence in a
U.S. port, travel within the Western Hemisphere, and end at a different U.S. port. When traveling on these sailings, please take extra caution in
understanding the specific documentation requirements.
· All guests (including children) require specific travel documents that may include either a passport or other documentation, such as a
government-issued birth certificate and laminated government issued picture ID denoting photo, name and date of birth, when traveling on U.S.
Closed Loop voyages. These are voyages that commence and end in the same U.S. port without leaving the western hemisphere. Please note that
Baptismal papers, hospital certificates of birth, voter registration cards or Social Security cards are not considered proof of citizenship. Please view
the websites below for more information.

· Should the last names of the parent and minor child traveling with them differ, the parent is required to present the child's valid passport and visa (if
required) and the child's birth certificate (original, a notarized copy or a certified copy). The name of the parent(s) and the child must be linked
through legal documentation.
· Adults who are not the parent or legal guardian of a minor traveling with them must present an original notarized letter signed by the child's
parent(s), authorizing the adult to take the child on the specific cruise, supervise the child and allow emergency medical treatment to be
· Guests on consecutive sailings must ensure they have the proper travel documents for their entire cruise vacation and for any port within their

Please refer to one of the following websites for details on documentation requirements as it relates to your itinerary:

· WHTI (Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative):

· Royal Caribbeans Recommended Visa and Passport Provider:

· Alien Registration Card

· Royal Caribbean International

Website: www.getyouhome.gov

Website: www.visacentral.com/royalcaribbean

Website: http://www.usimmigrationsupport.org/greencard_renewal.html

Website: www.RoyalCaribbean.com

This booking is governed by the terms and conditions of the Cruise/Cruisetour Ticket Contract. A copy of the most current version of that

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